You should always admire the one who stands by your side in the phase of life's most difficult challenges of which one can be ageing. Something that has shown benefit to your skin and by being trustworthy yet delicate. Enough about your ideal date; this could be your chance to meet your truest skin companion. Want to know the fantastic element? It’s the carrot seed oil.
The carrot seed oil has become one of the most sought-after additions to the modern beauty ritual, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. But first, let's get the basics out of the way: here's everything you need to know about carrot seed oil's advantages and why it could be your skincare soulmate.


Let’s take it the way it shouldn’t be. Carrot seed oil is a very different oil from carrot oil. They are not interchangeable, as carrot oil is made from carrot root and a carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. However, the carrot seed oil is truly derived from unadulterated carrot seeds. So, it’s clear now, two different processes, hence two different oils. Now, let’s know what carrot seed oil is.
Carrot seed oil is an unsullied oil extracted from carrot seeds. It is packed with antioxidants that have shown an extraordinary way of treating ageing. Along with that, it helps to fight cancer cells. Bingo! Sign up for graceful adulation.


ANTIBACTERIAL: The scientifically-backed benefit of carrot seed oil is its antibacterial property. The antibacterial qualities are the effective result of chemical traces called alpha-pinene. This powerful chemical kicks off staph, yeast, bacteria, salmonella, and many more. They found a really tough time on your skin if you had carrot seed oil.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Carrot seed oil forms a protective shield against free radicals and saves your skin from the adverse effects of toxins.

SUSTAINS HEALTHY SKIN: The antibacterial and antioxidant qualities help your skin sustain health, softness, youth, and glow.

FIGHTS CANCER CELLS: Several scientific studies have shown carrot seed oil as a potent fighter against cancer cells. To be more specific, cancer cells in the colon, breast, and skin.


Deyga’s Anti-ageing Serum is abundantly rich in carrot seed oil infused with other effective oils for your skin, such as hemp seed oil, kalonji oil, moringa oil, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil. Deyga’s Anti-Aging Serum is the ultimate therapy for boosting skin's important multi-defensive capacity against visible indications of ageing, environmental causes, and daily stress. It helps increase the skin's capacity to resist environmental aggressors while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, and dullness.
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