Cocoa and Chocolate! – Why Are They Your Skin’s Best Friend?

Chocolate is the most delectable result of finely powdered cocoa beans found in the fruit of the cacao tree. 

Did you know chocolate is considered one of the best skincare agents?

And, to add to your happiness – A bite of dark chocolate every day increases oxygen and blood flow to your skin and scalp, leading to healthier hair. 

From treating your skin blemishes to hydrating your skin and keeping it soft and supple, chocolate does wonders to your skin. 

Some Interesting Facts... 

  • The flavonols and polyphenols from the organic compounds and cacao seed extracts make chocolate a strong antioxidant
  • Chocolate contains flavonoids that will help to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Chocolate is naturally anti-inflammatory and is used to pamper sensitive and irritated skin.
  • The fatty acids in cocoa beans such as palmitic acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid, helps in nourishing the skin and makes it soft and supple.
  • Cocoa is high in manganese which makes it a good nutrient absorber.
  • Cocoa beans are a source of magnesium. It aids the body in the production of progesterone to deal with stress.

Deyga’s 100% natural, pure, and handcrafted form of Chocolate Kit is all that you would want in a single shot for your skin.

The chocolate kit is a combo of chocolate soap for skin, chocolate butter for face and neck, and chocolate lip balm.

Surprising and Healthy Benefits of Chocolate for Face and Skin

What’s your skin type? Dry, Oily, or neutral? 

The good news is Deyga’s chocolate face pack suits every skin type.

If you haven’t tried one yet, then it’s time to understand the benefits of chocolate for skin and get one choco face pack already.

  • Say hi to soft skin!

Yes, you read that right.

The cocoa content in chocolate spurs up adequate blood flow to the fine capillaries beneath the top layer of your facial skin. It supplies enough moisture and protects your skin from drying out. For those with dry skin; a chocolate facial is best.

  • No more dark spots and wrinkles, yaaay…

Pigmentation???... If you have gone berserk, fret no more.

A chocolate face pack helps to even your skin. The free radicals present in the chocolate rescues your skin from pigmentation, dark spots and scars.

Also, a chocolate mask will hydrate your skin, increase your skin’s collagen content and blood flow to delay ageing and wrinkles.

  • Glowing skin, yes, please

Chocolate is a source of minerals and vitamins that helps to rejuvenate dull skin. With regular usage, these nutrients will help wash away dead skin cells, treat blackheads and leave you with an eternal glow.

  • No more UV Damage

Besides sunscreen, if there is something else for rescue – then it’s the chocolate. 

Chocolate creates a shield around your skin to prevent the harsh UV rays from penetration. It will leave you free from tanning, sunburn, premature ageing and skin cancer.

  • Feel young 

If you are vulnerable to too much grime, pollution, sun, and if you are a makeup lover, your skin is already at its heights of ageing and damage. Choco face pack and facial is the answer for healthy and younger-looking skin.

Chocolate boosts cell growth to make your skin look younger and gleaming.