Baby Powder is such a necessity to keep an infant’s delicate skin free from rashes. A diaper change is incomplete without sprinkling some powder over baby’s bottom to keep him fresh for a long time. And who understands it better than a mom?

Baby powders aren’t only used for babies generally. A lot of people use baby powders in their bottoms to ease discomfort caused due to sweat and friction. Only because baby powders in the market appear to be delicate as they’re meant for babies, a lot of innocent crowd fall for it considering it the best option for their own hygiene and their babies’ wellbeing. Undoubtedly baby powders are good, but are you the one who trusts big names sliding in baby powders that actually contain ‘talc’ in them? If yes, then this blog is for you. Read till end to know how these big names are affecting you and your baby’s health adversely.
Baby powder becomes to be one of the boons gifted by beauty industry for it’s versatility but at the same time, it becomes no less than a curse due to the presence of ‘talc’ as it’s one of the major ingredients.


Talc is procured from rocks known as steatite or soapstone. Talc is a mineral present in these rocks. In beauty industry this mineral is crushed into an odorless white powder. Talc in powders is used to absorb sweat & prevent rashes. Being composed of silicon & magnesium, talc does also contain ‘asbestos’ a fibrous silicate.

According to a research by IARC (International Agency For Research On Cancer), a part of WHO, asbestos is carcinogenic in nature. When applied near genitals, it may prove to be fatal as it’s a cancer causing agent.

Common talcum powders including baby powders available in the market may contain loads of harsh chemicals other than asbestos. It’s safer to go with powders that are entirely natural in ingredient list & contain zero harmful additives.

You need not to ponder more on what to choose, Deyga’s handcrafted Baby powder is the best option when it comes to choosing natural & reliable for your little one.

Deyga’s Baby Powder is free of ‘talc’. Instead it’s an amalgamation of utterly skin friendly ingredients such as organic kokum butter, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, aloevera powder and olive oil.
Being utmost gentle in formula, it ensures your munchkin’s safety by all means. Deyga guarantees to match a mother’s quality standards on it’s wide variety of baby products so that every child receives the uncompromising care and love in the form of best skincare!

This powder works best for whoever wants to use it for it’s pure, natural and handcrafted with a mild formula made of ingredients that would be cherished by skin of all types.
Other than Baby Powder, Deyga presents various options including Lady Powder, Rose Powder, Men Powder and Vanilla Powder to endow a rejuvenating experience that you’ll never be able to forget!
All these Talc Free Powders are available only on the official website of Deyga Organics.

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