Jasmine’s calming aroma has enhanced its significance in the field of aromatherapy. But did you know this serene flower has spellbinding benefits for skin as well?
Jasmine is good for your all over health. From releasing your stress with its relaxing smell to making your skin supple & naturally glowing, it’s more than just a flower!
It greatly increases skin’s hydration levels. Besides, antimicrobial properties of Jasmine help you with clean & clear skin. Summers are here & dry, patchy, dull skin is a really common issue.
Aiding to such skin issues we are here with one solution you need to opt for this summer & that is goodness of ‘Jasmine’. Being an abundant source of skin friendly properties it can be used as a fantastic facial toner that can hydrate your skin well for all day long.
Deyga’s Jasmin facial toner has extracts of freshly picked flowers gently passed through the process of steam distillation to give out the purest & natural essence of Jasmine. With this toner in your skincare cabinet you keep your skin free of acne, rashes or any sort of skin inflammation because jasmine is also home to anti-inflammatory properties.
Below is the description, ingredient list, benefits & uses of Deyga’s handcrafted ‘Jasmine Facial Toner’ ;

Jovial Jasmine for Even Tone!


Jasmine extracts has rich antibacterial properties which rule the hygiene regimen needed for your glowing face. Ace the even skin tone with Jasmine Facial toner which magnifies the aura of your face with its eminent skin care properties.


100% pure steam distilled Jasmine water


• Deeply Removes traces of oil and make up
• Fights dullness and dryness
• Protects skin against environmental contaminants
• Balance the PH level of your skin
• Control acnes for it’s highly antibacterial in nature


• Spray directly on your face to hydrate and refresh your skin or
• Take adequate amount of Jasmine toner on a cotton call and apply evenly on your face after thorough cleaning of your face with a mild cleanser
• Jasmine toner can also be used with face packs

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