Hey guys! We’re back with another informative blog, this time to bid all your lip problems a good farewell.

Lips are more delicate than the rest of your face, thus the key to keep them moisturized all day long, lies in providing them an extra dose of hydration.
With proper hydration your lips will never flake off. But does this mean a lip balm will suffice? No. Scrubbing those dead cells away is equally important. Therefore you need a powerful combination of a natural lip scrub & a lip balm in your skincare shelf to keep your rose petals (yes we mean your lips hehe) in the pink of health, no matter how harsh the weather is.

Benefits of a lip scrub:

• A Lip Scrub exfoliates your lips and reduces pigmentation responsible for darkening.

• Unleash the natural pink color of lips

• Make lips plump

• Scrubs off flaky skin that leads to chapped lips

Are you now sure about how crucial role does a lip scrub play? To get a natural lip scrub you can either use white sugar or try Deyga’s organic lip scrubs to save your time & energy over DIYs.

Deyga’s Strawberry Lip Scrub, being one of the bestsellers has only gained love for its fantastic performance. Enriched with natural oils and strawberry extracts, this natural and cruelty free scrub does the job of cleansing your lips from within. It reduces sun damage, prevents discoloration and plums up your lips naturally. Mint Lip Scrub is another variety in lip scrubs you can go for. Mint being the source of freshness, this lip scrub works upon your damaged lips to the core.
Using a lip scrub twice a week satiates the care and exfoliates your lips flawlessly.

Another crucial step consists of a nourishing lip balm.

Benefits of a lip balm:

• A lip balm rejuvenates lifeless lips into lively ones by providing deep nourishment.
• Natural oils in a lip balm protect the delicate skin of lips against dry weather.
• Keeps lips moisturised for a long period

Our hero seller Beetroot Lip Balm does its job flawlessly. Made from fresh beetroot extract, it gradually imparts a natural pink hue to lips. It’s formula is made to keep your lips moisturised all day long! So smear it once then enjoy your day carefree.

Guys you can get your pair of lip care combo from the official website of Deyga Organics. Special discounts are often disclosed so never miss on the notifications. Cheerio