What Is So Special About Deyga’s Natural Hand Sanitizer?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken everyone by storm, and you have got to admit truly that it brought the entire world to a dead end. The only good that it did to  humans is to remind everyone about the long-forgotten cleanliness ritual. 

And before the pandemic spread and the lockdown hit us all, hand sanitizers hit us swiftly. Although using soaps is the most traditional way of keeping our hands clean, they are not eco-friendly and pose a threat to natural resources – too much use of water is one of them. 

And this is where  hand sanitizers caught the spotlight. Frequent hand sanitization is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself safe in this pandemic. 

Well, isn’t that what you have been secretly looking for, eh?!

Why should you go for a Natural Hand Sanitizer? 

Wait, what did I just read? 

Natural and hand sanitizer….? 

Is that even possible….? 

Relax! It is possible at Deyga

Deyga’s Hand Sanitizer is an instant liquid-based hand sanitizer. It is 100% natural and contains three main ingredients for three main reasons. It is a herbal sanitizer that kills 99.99% germs on-the-go and also hydrates your hands, making it soft and smooth. 

We call it a safe hand sanitizer because it contains  

  • Isopropyl Alcohol: This natural sanitizer contains isopropyl alcohol that works as the main disinfectant to kill 99.99% germs.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: The versatile aloe vera’s gel is used as a moisturizer to offset the dryness caused by the alcohol. 
  • Tea tree essential oil: One of the most loved essential oils, Tea tree oil is used to enhance the fragrance of the herbal sanitizer. 

What are the benefits of the Hand Sanitizer?        

Alcohol-filled sanitizers are very powerful to kill the germs and infection-causing bacteria. So the higher a sanitizer has the alcohol-content in it, the more effective it gets. And with COVID spreading like fire in the world, we need to rely on alcohol-based sanitizers to stay free from the virus. 

The apparent benefits are

Deyga’s hand sanitizers are a great replacement to soaps as they do not require water;

  • kills 99.99% germs;
  • involves minimal time to clean your hands;
  • acts swiftly to kill the germs;
  • weakens the antimicrobial resistance;
  • decreases the effect of bacteria and its count;
  • causes less irritation to your skin;
  • keeps your hand soft and moisturized as it contains aloe vera and tea tree oil;
  • helps you save water and tissues; 

How can you make the most effective use of the Natural Hand Sanitizer? 

While this is the best hand sanitizer considering the benefits it gives you, you should also understand that there are certain things that you must remember to help it function at its best. 

  • Before using the natural hand sanitizer, make sure your hand is free of obvious organic dirt. Hand sanitizers are a better replacement for soap and not water.
  • Do not overuse this herbal sanitizer. Less is more when it comes to natural hand sanitizers. Squeeze a little of it and rub thoroughly between your front and backside of the palm, fingers, and the wrist.
  • Rub this safe hand sanitizer until your hands are dry completely. 

P.S. Do not consume anything as soon as you have used the hand sanitizers. We recommend you to wait for at least five minutes before touching your face.