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Are you prone to pimples, breakouts or acne? Our anti-acne kit could be perfect for your skincare regimen. Our five-step routine helps you reduce acne and prevent future occurrences.

Our Tea Tree Facial Toner has been infused with potent tea tree oil, and it helps purify and tone the skin in one step. It helps minimize pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It is quite nourishing and rejuvenating.

Our Charcoal Bath Bar is great for blemish-prone skin and acts as a heavy-duty cleanser.

Our Aloe Vera Gel can be used post-cleanse to get soft and smooth skin. It helps reduce wrinkles, sunburns and black spots. It works well for dry skin and can help reduce cold sores, itching, and inflammation.

Deyga's Neem seed oil is 100 % pure and cold-pressed from organic Neem seeds and is high in antioxidants. This oil has been used for centuries to treat skin concerns like acne. Not only does this eliminate acne-causing bacteria and reduce swelling, but it also moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Our Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack is a highly potent face pack, crafted for acne-prone skin! This gentle pack of green ingredients reduces the occurrence of zits & pimples and keeps the skin clear & healthy.

Charcoal bath bar: This unique body bar, formulated with pure activated Charcoal, is excellent for all skin types and reduces acne and excessive oil. It detoxifies the skin and cleanses the pores deeply.

Aloe vera gel: Our aloe vera gel provides a natural cure for your damaged skin. For individuals with dry skin, acne, and itchy eyes, this nourishing gel serves as a guard and moisturizes the skin, making your skin soft and smooth.

Tea Tree Skin Facial Toner: Our tea tree facial toner creates a refreshing experience that helps eliminates extra oil and impurities, leaving the skin looking clean and refined. Use every day for visibly clearer, shine-free results.

Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack: Our acne-fighter face pack is high in antioxidants and helps in detoxifying the skin. It is formulated with natural ingredients to prevent fungal acne, keep the skin hydrated and control excess oil.

Neem seed oil: Neem seed oil is a 100 % pure and antioxidant-rich method to reduce acne. For centuries Neem Oil has been used to treat both hair and skin concerns. With its high fatty acid and Vitamin content, it helps prevent the skin against conditions such as acne, rashes, hyper-pigmentation, burns, and abrasions while providing adequate moisture.

  • Treats acne and hyperpigmentation
  • Heals and moisturizes the skin
  • Clears and prevents breakouts
  • Unclogs and tightens pores

Step 1: Rinse your face with fresh water

Step 2: Apply Neem seed oil to your face and any acne affected area for about 30 minutes

Step 3: Cleanse your face with Charcoal Soap

Step 4: Spritz some Tea Tree Toner on cleansed skin

Step 5: Apply aloe vera gel overnight after cleansing with Charcoal soap

Special Note:

Aloe vera gel can be used as a base before applying make-up.

Neem seed oil - Local application on belly button helps faster recovery from acne

Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack - This product can be used twice a week. It can be mixed with tea tree facial toner for maximum benefits.

1) Which products are a part of the Acne Control Kit?

The Acne Control Kit contains 100% safe and natural Charcoal Bath Bar, Aloe Vera Gel, Tea Tree Skin Facial Toner, Spirulina & Matcha Face Pack, and Neem Seed Oil. Every product is formulated for targeted cleansing and skincare.

2) How will the kit help my skin?

The Acne Control Kit is a one-stop skincare regimen. It unclogs the pores, clears the grimes, reduces pigmentation and dark circles, diminishes scars, and leaves your skin moisturized.

3) What are the main benefits of the Acne Control Kit?

The Acne Control Kit is targeted to cure your acne problems, hyperpigmentation, clogged pores. It heals your skin by unclogging the pores, clearing the grime, and preventing breakouts. It also moisturizes your skin thus leaving it refreshed with tightened pores.

4) How often can I use these products?

You can use it daily as part of your skincare routine.

5) Will it make my skin dry after using it?

No. Every product of the kit will supply enough moisture to your skin. Your skin will feel extra hydrated after every wash.

6) I can't take strong scents and prefer only mild scents or no scents at all. Do Deyga's products carry too much scent?

We are 100% pure and natural. There are no artificial fragrances and colors.

7) Will the products brighten my skin?

Yes. The Acne Control Kit is filled with the goodness of natural ingredients that will unclog pores, remove oil and grimes, clear acne, leaving your skin with a natural glow.

8) Can I use Acne Control Kit on other skin types that are not prone to acne?

Every Deyga product is formulated specifically to address a skin condition that will suit all skin types. The Acne Control Kit, as a whole, is recommended for acne-prone skin, regardless of the skin type.

9) Can I buy specific products from the Acne Control Kit?

You may have to purchase the kit as a whole. If you are looking for specific products only, we recommend you to buy them as individual products on the website.

10) What to do if the products in the Acne Control Kit don't suit my skin type?

We understand every skin is different on the top level. That's why we have gotten to the underlying conditions of the skin with our organic products. Every product in this kit is natural, dermatologically tested, and prepared with 100% organic and safe ingredients that will benefit your skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Srimathi Rajakumar

HI DEYGA TEAM, I'm very much delighted to share the dramatic change that your product have made for my skin...I just cant believe...I've suffered from fungal acne for the past three years...though many home remedies, I cant cure this...After using your product I could feel the change...Especially after using your charcoal soap I could witness naturally oil balanced skin....Frankly, I've addicted to your charcoal soap..

Sridhar R

Anti Acne kit

Best product

I have been using this kit for like 3months now and yesterday I realised that my marks all vanishing and my face is getting better no new acnes

Buvi Naidu
Excellent Kit for Acne prone skin

I have been using this kit for past 3 months and I could able to see visible results
Thanks to Deyga

Jayashree Rajendran

May u continue to provide quality products

Sornambika Kirubasankar
Nice kit

I liked the kit but still waiting for a visible results

Evangeline Therasa
A kit filled with magic stuff

- Charcoal soap and Need seed oil : I've been using both the products from last december. I could see visible changes all over my face. My acne black spots are fading day by day.
- Aloe vera gel : Instantly it makes my skin glow naturally
- Tea toner : It keeps my skin hydrated and I really love the presence of the toner
- Spirulina matcha face pack : I use to apply this face pack along with tea toner and aloe vera gel twice a week, it gives me a soft and glowing texture once I wash my face.

Thank you Deyga for this wonderful product. Again I'll share my review when once I'm compeletely get rid of my acne. Thank you!!