Pre-matured Greying Oil

Rs. 550

Hair greying slows down with the magic of powerful ingredients. Keratin form the 90% of how your hair is. This loaded with Rich properties that nourish & boost hair growth & slows down greying

Moringa, Coconut oil,Castor oil, Benne oil, Indigo, Emblicmyrobalan, Bakuchi, Bhringaraj, Marudani, Haritaki, Licorice, Thiripala, Ylangylang.

•Rich in keratin
•Hair growth
•Prevents hair from damage
•Loaded with powerful ingredients to repair scalp & slow down greying.

Make use of the root applicator for oil to directly penetrate on to scalp.Flip your head down and massage your hair to boost blood circulation to the roots of hair.

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