Lemon Mist

Oil Control I Brightens I Balances skin pH
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This citrusy concoction lightens blemishes, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. It also removes excess oil buildup.

Net Quantity - 100ML

  • Refresh and brighten your skin with the energising lemon
  • alances skin pH levels
  • Lightens blemishes and acne-scars
  • Reduces oiliness.
  • Controls skin-inflammation.
  • Brightens complexion 
  • Removes dirt from pores  

All Skin types

Steam Distilled Lemon

1) I have pigmented skin. Will the toner help?
Lemon is literally the powerhouse of Vitamin C, so it will help with lightening pigmentation and blemishes. It will also hydrate, balance your skin's pH, and soothe your skin from within.

2) Will the toner work on dry skin?
The Lemon Mist is known to even out the skin tone. Besides balancing the skin’s pH, it also hydrates and nourishes the skin.

3) My skin has visible pores. Can I use it?
Absolutely, yes. The Lemon Mist Toner will definitely help in tightening the open and enlarged pores. You will visibly notice the differences after 1 week.

4) Can I use it directly on my tired face without washing it?
Yes. You can spray the Lemon Mist Toner right on your tired face and feel this citrusy mixture work its magic on your skin right away.

5) When should I use the Toner?
You can use the Lemon Mist Toner before starting your skincare regime or before starting your nighttime routine to brighten and hydrate the skin. And you can also use it as a makeup fixer after minimal makeup to lock in the glow.

6) How long will the toner's freshness last?
You will feel fresh and clean for at least 4-5 hours after using the toner. Your skin's freshness will depend on the environment you are in.

7) Can I use it on my scalp as well?
The Lemon Mist helps to hydrate, refresh, and soothe an itchy scalp. This gives the scalp a healthy, natural look and makes it look like it has been freshly washed.

8) I have a lot of blemishes. Will this help?
When used regularly, the Lemon Mist Toner will help with lightening spots and tightening pores.

9) Can I use the Lemon Mist Toner on sunburnt skin?
The Lemon Mist Toner is a natural astringent and can be used on sunburnt skin from UV radiation to experience a refreshing and calming effect.

10) Can I mix the toner with other products?
Yes, you can. Use the Toner to dilute hair & face packs.

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Ashwini V

Lemon mist toner is very good for oily skin.


Lovely lemon fragrance that lingers all day

Awesome stuff!

Great value for money. Service is also too good. Highly recommended.

Sreelakshmi Lakshmi


Excellent 😊

Perfect and super...just love it.Totally worth for the money😍

Sanal Kanchana sanal
Nice one 😍

I really love it... 😍

Lemon mist toner

This product was very good really loved it❤, you can use it to mix with the face pack powder or you can use it as a spray on to face directly to hydrate and to refresh your skin and wipe off the dirt by using cotton, it was just awesome and most suits for oily skin , it reduces oilness in skin thank you @deygaorganics