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Revitalize your senses with our natural vanilla deodrant, and give your lips that extra softness with our beetroot lip balm. This combo is perfect for everyday use!

1. Vanilla Deodrant - Make your every day a great start with this aromatic delight.

2. Beetroot Lip Balm - A nourishing lip balm which makes lips soft, smooth and healthy.

Vanilla Deodrant

  • Provides a cheerful odour
  • Absorbs sweat

Beetroot Lip Balm

  • Softens lips
  • Heals cuts due to dryness

Step 1: Vanilla Deodrant

Gently apply pressure on the entire push area and using your thumb apply pressure to the central push area to squeeze the deodorant out. Directly apply on hands, armpits, inner thighs or anywhere as per your requirement. Make sure the area you apply deodorant on is dry.

Step 2: Beetroot Lip Balm

Take a small amount and apply it directly on your lips. Apply as frequently as required. You can follow up with your favorite lipstick.

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