Jasmine Deodorant

Rs. 650

Exotic smell of Jasmine is now available in the guise of a natural Deodorant waiting to shower its magical aroma upon you. Through and through naturally formulated it gently works upon skin, banishing bad odor and providing you a refreshing, mesmerizing and floral scent of jasmine with a burst of freshness.


Shea Butter, Extra virgin coconut oil, Raw cocoa butter, Kaolin clay, Beeswax, Vitamin E oil, Jasmine essential oil.

  • Provides a cheerful odor.
  • Doesn’t mess with the natural body process as it absorbs sweat instead of blocking it.

All Skin Types

How To Use:

  • Gently apply pressure on the entire push area and using your thumb apply pressure to the central push area to squeeze the deodorant out.
  • Directly apply on hands, armpits, inner thighs or anywhere as per your requirement.
  • Make sure the area you apply deodorant on is dry.

How Not to Use:

  • Do not push out an excessive amount of the deodorant
  • In case you have taken out an excessive amount, use only what is required and use the cap to push the excess back into the tube. Do not use your fingers.
Storage: Do not keep in hot or humid areas. Store in a cool place. If there is excessive exposure to heat, the deodorant may melt. Refrigerating the deodorant for an hour will help solve this. 

    Jasmine Essential Oil

    Shea Butter

    Kaolin Clay


    Coconut Oil

    Vitamin E Oil


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