Rose Glow Kit

Rs. 3,500 Rs. 3,800

To make it as a Facial kit:
Step 1 - Rose pink clay soap
Step 2- Rose serum for 30 minutes
Step 3- Rose scrub
Step 4 - Rosemulethi
Step 5- Rose toner
Step 6- Rose talc free powder
Step7- Rose Geranium body butter from neck to toe

Rose pink clay soap - Use as a cleanser for face & body twice a day

Rose scrub - Gentle on skin,can be used every day or when required. Blend required amount into paste with Rose toner, Gently scrub all over the skin for 60 seconds & wash off

Rosemulethi - The signature Skin Brightening pack, can be used once a day.Blend with pure milk to make it a paste,Apply & let dry. Wash off in fifteen minutes.

Rose toner - Spray on to clean face & pat dry as a facial mist. Can be used to clear dirt with the help of cotton. Also use as a blender for any pack & scrub.

Rose powder - Dust rose powder all over your face & body to escape your sweat and feel the blooming flowers on-self. Follow-up after Rose toner to make your skin look less oily.

Rose Glow serum - The ultimate Skin Glow serum works best when applied with gentle massage & left overnight. Use it after cleansing.

Rose Geranium body butter - To have your skin hydrated & Radiant from neck to toe.

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