5 Reasons Cucumber Should Be A Part Of Your Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is an awaited season for most of us! It brings the joy of the holidays, family-bonding time, comfy clothes, refreshing ice smoothies, serene evening walks and what not! And thankfully, it’s right around the corner! 

But what about your skin? Is it prepared for the scorching heat, tan lines, and sunburns? If it’s not, then we have the perfect solution for you!

Cucumber, the refreshing slices of your green salad, can work wonders not just for your diet but also for your skin! And the good news is, it’s accessible and does not hurt your wallet.

5 Reasons Cucumber Should be a Part of Your Summer Skincare Routine.


It is anti-Aging in nature: 

Cucumber is abundant in vitamin C and caffeic acid. These antioxidants replenish the skin from within. Even the peel of the cucumber is endowed with silica, which works to fix skin sagging. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your skin fresh and younger-looking.

It has anti-inflammatory properties:

The antioxidants in Cucumber can reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Cucumber’s high water content makes it a perfect treat for dry, dull skin. It also contains flavonoids that combat redness and swelling, it can soothe, nourish and moisturize your skin all at once! So the next time you wake up with puffy eyes, head over to your refrigerator to get cool slices of cucumber for your eyes!

It helps Treat Sunburns: 

Now, something that we all worry about going out too often in Summer is the stubborn suntan! Cucumber is a brightening agent that can greatly help to remove tanning. Make sure you are also armed with a nourishing sunscreen like our Shea butter X Raspberry Sunscreen with SPF 30  that protects skin against sun damage!

It rejuvenates the skin:

Cucumber is a great skin-enhancer that helps you attain your skincare goals! The ascorbic acid in it boosts collagen production and nourishes the skin. It is a natural humectant that can hydrate textured skin. If your skin becomes dry right after you’ve taken a shower switch over to a mild cucumber-infused cleanser such as our moisture-restoring Spinach & Cucumber Soap 

It helps lighten Dark Circles:

Have you ever wondered why people keep using cucumber slices on their eyes? We all know it’s a great way to relax but it also helps in fading dark circles! The abundant amount of antioxidants and silica present in cucumber can reduce it within days of regular use. Our Under Eye Cream was specially formulated to help this very process of lightening dark circles.

Uses of Cucumber


Cucumber can be applied in many ways to achieve that ravishing radiant look! It can be either applied simply by grating it to juice or can be mixed with a variety of natural ingredients to enhance its properties. 

Here are of some DIY cucumber remedies:

  • Mix Cucumber juice with honey to make a fine paste. This easy pack can cleanse and reduce the size of open pores.
  • Cucumber juice with a few drops of lemon juice and honey provides a healthy glow and can revitalize the skin
  • Cucumber and yogurt can greatly help in tan removal
  • Cucumber accompanied with coffee powder and raw honey can help reduce cellulite. 
  • Dark circles can be treated using cucumber juice soaked in cotton balls, or by keeping cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes. For better results mix a little potato juice in equal parts as potatoes have natural bleaching properties.

These DIYs can be incorporated into your weekly routine for healthy skin. 

  • You can drink cucumber juice to reduce hair fall. Another way to control hair fall is to apply cucumber juice on the scalp before you shampoo, wait for 30 minutes then rinse with a mild shampoo.
  • Cucumber juice and yogurt masks can help you avoid dandruff and make your hair shiny! 

Isn’t it fascinating? Cucumber is THE solution to all of your summer skin concerns! 

Try these tricks out and bid farewell to your summer woes

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