Charcoal Bath Bar

Acne Control I Detoxifies I Reduces Tan

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Exfoliate the bad vibes away! Detoxify and rejuvenate your skin with the acne-police- our charcoal bath bar made with activated charcoal and a beautiful blend of nourishing oils to keep you hydrated.

  • Controls acne breakouts with its anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Deeply cleanses the skin with its detoxifying properties
  • Makes skin soft, blemish-free, and smooth
  • Reduces skin inflammation and blackheads
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and minimises clogged pores
  • Moisturises the skin with oodles of skin-loving oils

All Skin Types

Note : Even Dry skin can use 

Activated Charcoal Powder

Olive Oil

Castor Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Unrefined Shea Butter

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

1) I have dry skin, Can I use Charcoal soap?

Charcoal soap is recommended for normal to oily skin.

2) Can charcoal soap be used for sensitive skin ?

Yes, you can surely use it. Take a patch test on hand before.

3) Can I use it on face?

Yes, all our soaps are crafted to suit face body.

4) How often can I use Charcoal soap?

Twice to thrice a day is good to go.

5) How to preserve the soap? As I feel it's soft.

As the soap is free from artificial thickeners, its soft naturally. Make sure to keep the soap vertically after use in well ventilated soap tray so that water drains out completely.

6) I suffer from PCOD, so breakout is very frequent which product of yours will help me ?

Our Charcoal soap is Hero Healer of acne. Add on Aloe vera gel in night routine for best results

7) Is charcoal soap only for acne? I have clear skin so wonder if I can use !!

You can sure use it. Charcoal soap benefits for Acne, Tan, Even skin tone, detoxing, fresh look.

8) Anything for back acne ?

Neem seed oil with Charcoal soap makes the best combo.

9) Does it have chemicals?

No Its made up of unharmful ingredients

  • Use it on the acne-related areas and keep it on for a minute or two before washing 
  • Use it twice a day 
  • Before applying any face mask, wash your face with our charcoal soap.
  • Use it as a neck exfoliator to lighten neck pigmentation
  • It removes the tan effectively with regular use 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 864 reviews
Neelima Yerra
Best one

I'm very much happy with the results

Divyanjali S
Nice one !

Best charcoal soap on is suitable for my oily body .. but not for dry face.. good one


It removes acne and also dark spots within a week of usage

Kasthuri Dhandabani


Kasthuri Dhandabani


Chorcoal Soap

I have been using charcoal soap more than 4 months ,it improved my skin texture,by using this soap pimples are reduced,i have a pimple free skin.Thank you deyga for giving this wonderful soap to us

Charcoal soap

It's a must for skin care.Makes skin soft and lighten dark marks.Loved it.