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Founder's Corner

Arthi Raguram, the founder of Deyga, is a new-age entrepreneur whose passion for creating nature-inspired, self care products has been a driving force of the brand. Her skincare journey began very early as she was an athletic student who spend most of her time out in the sun. Natural ingredients helped her skin stay protected and healthy.

Growing up with sensitive skin, Arthi decided to steer clear away from products loaded with harsh chemicals. She maintains this resolve with every Deyga creation as well. Arthi made sure every ingredient was handpicked and every product was responsibly crafted. Deyga has now made waves and broke barriers as a community of Eco-conscious customers.

Pure and Natural

100% Pure. We aim to create the world's most pure, organic and all-natural line of cosmetics, beauty products and skincare. Our cosmetics are formulated with high-performing antioxidants, naturally occurring vitamins and essential oils to give your skin maximum benefits.

No Compromise

Quality is our priority. Every ingredient is sourced from the best of farms across india. The products reflect a fresh feel and fragrance. 


OUR PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN SLS, SLES, Parabens, MEA, DEA, TEA, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Ethoxylates and Silicones.

The Six Pillar

Handcrafted With love

Made, mixed, and packed by hand, every single product of ours is crafted with love. Our products aren't about machine-made perfection, they celebrate the handmade grace of unique creations.

100% pure

Purity is our identity. From start to finish with purest of ethically sourced organic matter.

Traditional recipes

Tradition is inherent. Each product has the humble touch of tradition infused with concern. From making till packing we endure to retain the classic tradition and celebrate the modern elegance.

Cruelty free

Animals matter to us just as much as delivering the right care for you. We are strictly against animal testing and do not use animals in any way to test our products. In our mission to be a hundred percent natural, we’ve created a cruelty free production process.

Deyga family

Every product we create resonates with the emotion of love. Our ever-growing family reciprocates and amplifies this emotion pushing us to the height we are at today. The Deyga family is a group of diverse individuals united by their love for natural and ethical personal care practices.

Sustainable Products

Sustainability is at the heart of our formula crafting. None of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, ingredients and ideas are an expression of love for Mother nature.

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