6 Verified Routines To Natural Teeth Whitening

Discoloured  teeth are the last thing you would want for yourself. However, getting discoloured teeth is inevitable if you have poor oral hygiene, consume staining foods, and smoke.

Enamel is the uppermost protective layer covering your tooth. It shields your tooth from decay, sensitivity, and gives a white, glossy finish. Certain foods will stain your enamel leaving plaque buildup. However, the discolouration of your tooth can be treated with consistent cleaning and teeth whitening remedies.

Nevertheless, teeth look yellow sometimes when the hard enamel has eroded, displaying the dentin underneath. Dentin is a yellow, bony tissue that lies below the enamel.

To consistently maintain your teeth white, you need to follow strict oral hygiene, ensure your tooth and gums are sturdy from inside.

The Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder from Deyga helps in maintaining proper oral hygiene. The wild clove extracts in the powder will prevent cavities and shield your gums. It promotes oral health by improving the pH balance, fights bad breath, and whitens teeth.

The Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder from Deyga will be another great addition to preserve your oral health. Activated charcoal powder, baking soda, and Himalayan pink soda are combined to make your teeth look white and give a natural shine to it.

Tips for Healthy Teeth

Oral hygiene

It is the foremost thing that you must do to avoid discolouration.

Regular brushing and flossing will shield your enamel, prevent gum and tooth decay, and avoid stains.

Healthy oral hygiene encompasses:

  • brushing your teeth twice a day. Ensure to brush around the gums and backs of your teeth,
  • gargling your mouth after every snack and meal,
  • using the Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder to prevent your teeth from bacteria and decay,
  • flossing to fight plaque between your teeth.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional panacea to improve oral hygiene.

You must swish oil in your mouth to wipe off bacteria that will make your teeth yellow.

Although any oil will work, coconut oil is the most recommended owing to its pleasant taste and innumerable health benefits.

Besides, the lauric acid in coconut oil is known to kill bacteria and lessen inflammation.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a mild abrasive that helps in teeth whitening. It forms an alkaline environment in your mouth to hamper the bacteria from generating.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal helps to wash away the stains on your teeth. The charcoal helps in fighting the bacteria from settling and removes toxins in your mouth. It also helps to fight bad breath. 

P.S. Activated Charcoal may permanently damage the enamel due to its abrasive nature if used daily.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleach that helps in teeth whitening and fighting the toxins. It has been a famous tooth-decay treatment for years.

P.S. It may increase tooth sensitivity, and so its usage must be curbed.

Vegetables and Fruits

Coffee, red wine, tea, citrus fruits, dark chocolates, cigarettes, can lead to yellowing of the teeth. Avoiding frequent consumption can prevent further staining.

Instead, following a diet rich in vegetables and fruits will do good for your teeth and overall health.

Although they are no replacement for brushing, crunchy, raw veggies and fruits can help clean plaque as you munch.

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