Being a parent is the most beautiful phase of life, well it can be daunting sometimes. Loads of responsibilities come along with the arrival of the blessing; your little one. Right from deciding the first cloth of the day to the most suitable bed at night, you as a parent take every aspect into consideration as per what's best for your baby. Since a parent is already on a roller-coaster ride with all the sleepless nights and marathons at day behind the munchkin to feed him right, it sometimes draws out your attention from the tiny fonts mentioned at the back of commercial baby care products. While some are the genuine ones, others are just a trickster into advertising their product with a flattering tagline but are filled with hidden toxins inside.

You should always pay extra heed on minute details of a product while purchasing it for your small version.

Baby massage is one of the mandatory tasks of the day. From the initial months to quite a few years after birth, what babies need is good massage that strengthen their bones and make muscles super strong during the building years.
Sesame oil can be your best partner here. It is extracted from seeds of a flowering plant called Sesamum Indicium. The nutty flavour of sesame refers to that it is rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which makes it a healthy oil for cooking. Wait does this oil benefits beyond the kitchen? Of course, it is extremely gentle on the baby’s skin. Let’s whittle down the advantages of organic sesame oil for your baby:


The sesame oil is rich in antioxidants that help rigorous skin cell growth and also have the ability to fight unstable molecule that damages the delicate skin of your baby. In addition, organic sesame oil is non- comedogenic which means it doesn’t clog the pores of your baby’s skin and allow them to repair.


The antimicrobial properties present in organic sesame oil kill all the toxins from the surface of the skin and also restrict their growth. Vitamin E in sesame oil protects the skin from other environmental factors like- harmful UV rays, pollution. Empower your baby's skin to fight off all the impurities.


All the essential fatty acids found in organic sesame oil like oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and stearic acid are effective moisturizers that help to restore all the moisture in and keeps your baby’s skin soft and plum.

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