Aren't shampoo and conditioner the only two items that our hair requires? NO!! There are numerous hair care products that you all should use in your hair routines to keep healthy and lustrous hair. There are several reasons why you're having awful hair days regularly. Haircare is critical for removing toxins from the scalp and strengthening the proteins within the hair follicles, resulting in shinier, healthier-looking hair. For the best results, you need to go beyond shampoo and conditioner. Let’s know what you need over-washing and conditioning.


Your hair goes through a lot, so it deserves a little extra attention now and then. Hair packs are an excellent way to deep condition your hair while also supplying it with additional nutrients to boost strength, elasticity, shine, and growth. Hair packs have a variety of uses, including repairing hair damage, rehydrating hair, and maintaining the vibrancy of coloured hair. You should not use a hair mask more than once a week, but make sure to read the product's instructions.


Deyga’s Herbal Hair Pack will provide the richness of hibiscus, henna, moringa, aloe vera, cassia, and indigo. These powerful elements will condition your hair for a soft and silky texture and will act as a mild cleanser as well for healthy scalp and hair growth.


Hair butter is a plant-based moisturiser that contains a blend of unprocessed natural oils and fats (also referred to as "butter"). This deeply nourishes and moisturises your hair, reducing dryness and frizz and preventing breakage with this rich and hydrating blend of nutrients. Hair butter is quite good for natural hair and can be used after protective styling to keep the strands moisturised for several days. Hair butter is particularly beneficial for hair that has been damaged or over-processed and requires a lot of moisture.


Deyga’s Hair Butter is loaded with 100% natural and handpicked items like raw mango butter, shea butter, ylang ylang essential oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and castor oil. Does this translate as a mesmerising moisture lock formula for your hair? Oh yes! Clouds of buttery sweetness and bundles of hydrating oils for strong, silky, and fascinating hair.

Including these two steps Yes! Some steps just need your attention once or twice a week. Haircare is crucial, just like any other aspect of personal hygiene. You shouldn't have to put up with frizz, dullness, or breakage in your hair all of the time. When you start using these items in your haircare routine, you'll notice how quickly your bad hair days vanish.

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