Are You Planning To Buy A Baby Bathing Soap? Read This First.

Being a new parent is a task. You want to be sure about everything for your baby – from deciding the pediatrician to using a baby cream.

One such important thing is deciding the soap for the baby and its related products.

Baby’s skin is tender, soft, and moisturized by default. After a few weeks of their birth, you will notice your baby’s skin transform from a neutral pH to an acid pH, called the acid mantle. It acts as a protective wall for your baby’s skin. So, using any product on the baby will first show its reaction to the acid mantle.

Many pediatricians recommend water-only baths for your baby. When you use soaps, you are going to make the skin dry and flaky. It is important to seal the skin’s moisture, especially when you have hard water at home. Unless there is grime or you are massaging your baby with some oil, avoiding soap for the first few months will be better.

You can wash your baby with lukewarm water and rub gently using a soft cotton cloth in the inner folds of the skin.

To clean the baby’s genitals and poo, you can use mild baby wipes to remove the grime and finish it with rash creams.

While this is a loaded endeavor, relax, and read this blog to make an informed decision. 

P.S. We recommend using natural baby products as they don’t do much harm to the baby. 

Before deciding what product to use, let us understand a few natural elements that will be very safe for your baby.

1. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the unadulterated and purest form of olive oil. It is 

  • ideal for massage; helps to calm the baby, promotes growth and sleep,
  • moisturizes the skin, treats diaper rashes and keeps the skin soft,
  • treats cradle cap: it is a kind of dandruff that leads to dry and flaky skin on the scalp, Applying a few drops of olive oil to the scalp will treat this condition.

2. Unrefined shea butter

It helps to

  • moisturize and fight dry skin;
  • its anti-inflammatory properties help in treating rashes, insect bites, eczema, and acne,
  • the antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals and support collagen production [the agent that binds the skin together],
  • treats cradle cap.

3. Sweet almond oil

Like the other two elements, sweet almond oils also 

  • provides relief from cradle cap,
  • effectively moisturizes the skin and fights off dryness and chaffing,
  • the vitamins A, B2, B6, D, and E in almond oil prevent skin problems like soreness, eczema, rashes,
  • soothes skin and improves blood circulation,
  • helps to fight tiredness in limbs and muscles.

4. Cold-pressed coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the oldest remedies and fall-back soothing techniques to treat every skin condition in the baby. From moisturizing the skin to helping with hair growth, the benefits of coconut oil extend to every part of the baby. 

Baby Bath Bar from Deyga

Having understood how the four individual oils help in guarding the baby’s skin, you can now make an informed decision about our bath bar. 

At Deyga, we have a Baby Bath Bar that is a by-product of combining the four oils into soap for baby. You can safely use this baby bathing soap to protect the super sensitive skin of your baby.

It is the best baby soap for its natural, gentle, fragrance-free, and paraben-free quality. Besides the four natural elements, it is loaded with the richness of aloe vera to maintain the skin elasticity in babies. 


Deciding a soap for the baby is one of the tasks in parenting. When it comes to purchasing the skincare products for your baby, we recommend that you always make sure to read and understand the ingredients used in the product. 

While a lot of brands claim to be natural, check for products free of paraben, dyes,  phthalates, and fragrance because it becomes 100% natural only when there are no artificial add-ons.

At Deyga, we are 100% natural as we believe in the power of nature and that power translates into every product we manufacture. 

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