Hey Folks! It’s time for another natural ingredient to take up the space and illuminate you all with its mind-blowing properties. This time we are back with some beauty secrets for your hair care regime. Today's hero ingredient is affectionate 'Avocado'. Why affectionate? Cause it’s friendly to all skin types without any side effects.

It’s time for you to stop worrying over your dull and dry hair. Avocado is all you need to fix your problems in a jiffy.

Avocado is that blessing of mother nature which is packed with tremendous healthy properties either for your skin or hair or all over health. It’s intake can surely help you burn extra fat faster but it’s a great source to healthy hair too.

Let’s have a look for why it’s sought-after for a step towards a great hair care routine.
• Avocado is highly rich in natural oils which provide deeper nourishment to your hair. ‘Good fats' in avocado can moisturize the damp or dry hair to look smooth and silky.
• It is a powerful pack of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C in avocado takes care of your scalp health by keeping fungal infections at bay. It adds a shine to your hair as well.
• It’s said that Biotin is a great source to promote hair growth. And good to know that avocado is rich in this B complex vitamin that helps your hair grow faster and longer.
• According to a research in 2015, minerals like potassium and magnesium in avocado seal cuticle cells preventing hair breakage with a smooth, shiny and healthy look.

There are many ways through which you can incorporate Avocado in your hair care regime with ease. Some of the DIYs you can definitely go for are listed below;

• Mix 2-3 tbsp. of coconut oil with 1 mashed avocado. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair length for at least 30 minutes. Provide heat by wrapping a hot towel for better absorption. Rinse with a mild shampoo. Do this twice a week to obtain smooth, silky and healthy hair at the earliest.

• Lemon juice when applied with mashed avocado can kick out dandruff or other scalp problems. Lemon contains citric acid which eradicate dandruff and avocado acts a shield to protect your hair from such hair problems. Squeeze juice of a medium sized lemon and mix it with one mashed avocado. Apply this potent hair mask for at least 15 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo.

• Easy Avocado hair mask suitable to use on daily basis is one when 1 mashed avocado is mixed with 1 tbsp. aloevera gel or 1 ripe banana. Aloe Vera Gel makes your hair softer while banana which is rich in silica adds shine to it.

So these were some of the DIYs you all can try at home to follow a better hair care routine. The results will surprise you in no longer time than just a few days of use. Try it and watch how the glory of avocado shines in the strands of your hair!

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