Hello Folks! Let’s discuss something different today. How about an ancient remedy that is no less than a magical formula? A potent medicinal herb that not only cures but also complements innumerable benefits for a healthy glowing skin. That natural herb is none other than the majestic 'Neem'.

Neem or Indian Lilac is native to Indian Subcontinent. Typically attributed to tropical and sub-tropical regions, it’s the fastest growing tree in India with countless and untold benefits to offer.
Let’s unleash those magic spells of Neem through which you all can uplift your skin and hair health in no time;

• Neem is a treasure of natural beautifying serums. Enriched with various fatty acids, it works on damaged skin from within and takes care of it like a pro.
• Antifungal property of neem fights with skin infections and scalp problems such as dermatitis or fungal infection at ease.
• Skin irritation or inflammation can be cured in a jiffy with the use of pure neem oil cause it is anti-inflammatory in nature.
• Skin woes such as acnes and pimples can be kept at bay due to the anti bacterial properties of Neem.
• Neem is an excellent anti – ageing agent. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles also works on sagging and improves skin's elasticity.
• Enhanced skin texture and even skin tone are the effects also named in the glory of Neem.
• Besides, it also battles pigmentation and black heads. A deep clean experience is attained when Neem accompanies you in your daily skin care routine.
• It moisturizes skin and keeps it hydrated radically to give you the baby soft and supple skin.
• For hair it works like magic potion which makes Dandruff, dermatitis and other hair problems just a mere story of the past. Neem adds shine to your hair and make them soft, frizz free and strong as well.
So these were the unique ethos of majestic 'Neem' that our ancestors had gifted us as a mark of Indian tradition. From medicinal to cosmetic, its use is prevalent as a boon of mother nature to us. Infact, even ‘Ayurveda’ has mentioned the magnificence of Neem as the most valuable herb.

Neem can be incorporated into daily care either in raw form or in the guise of an oil. Deyga Organics presents you the pure and natural essence of this potent herb in an oil. Handcrafted with love this oil works is extracted from freshly procured neem seeds.
The best is that it is suitable for every skin type.

How to use Neem Seed Oil?

• Just mix it with some carrier oil to apply it on your skin or hair.
You can also use it directly on your skin like a facial oil.
• Apply neem seed oil in belly button gives numerous health benefits.

Just check it on the official website or Mobile App of Deyga and order your little bottle of magic! Get the divinity of Neem and enjoy its benefits at your foot steps.