The making of acne is a three-fold process where dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria make up the ingredients. This cocktail of mayhem needs a specific mixture to create havoc in your skin. A specific mixture? Yes because is normal to have dead skin cells in your pores, it naturally falls off. It is normal for your skin to produce natural sebum, and it is also normal to have the presence of bacteria on the top of your skin surface. Then what’s abnormal here? The disaster starts when your skin produces excess sebum, which sticks the dead skin cells together to trap bacteria and form a mixture in your pores. It's indeed an uninvited guest in your skin.
The severity and treatment of acne depend on which type of acne you have. There are various categories of acne, and for each one the treatment is different. Comedonal acne is one type of mild acne. Hold on and scroll down to know more about Comedonal acne:



The most common type of acne belongs to the non-inflammatory group. The flesh-coloured bumps on the skin form close to the surface of the skin. The name Comedonal came from the word COMEDEO, which means PORES. Enclosed pores refer to comedonal acne. Blackheads & Whiteheads are the most common types of comedonal acne, as they have blocked the pores of the skin. The skin-colour bumps on the skin are whiteheads and the darker coloured ones are blackheads. Blackheads are formed when the skin over the comedone opens up and exposes the melanin in the sebum to the air. That causes oxidation, which turns it into a dark-coloured comedone.



The very first remedy you think of is to pop it out. Isn’t it right? But, this step will make it worse as this acne is non-inflammatory and lies beneath the surface of the skin, squeezing them to pop up will push the dirt and bacteria into your skin. You must be wondering what to do, how to get rid of them (P.S-don’t stress out, as stress will make it worse). Patience, proper skincare, and lifestyle is the key to getting rid of them.



It is quite crucial to opt for a gentle cleanser and what can be better than Deyga’s Charcoal Bath Bar for the task. The activated charcoal will scrape off all the gunk from your pores and will help to clean your pores thoroughly. You should softly massage the cleanser for 30-60 seconds.



Once or twice a week it is important to exfoliate your skin because exfoliation regulates the production of oil and sebum accompanied by deep cleaning of pores. Deyga's Face & Body Scrub is a gentle exfoliator that is made with 100% pure and organic ingredients like Marjonam, Khus Khus, Matcha, Lemon, Neem, and skin cherishing essential oils. Every ingredient in Deyga’s Face & Body scrub has common benefits – revitalising, restoring, and refreshing your skin.



When it comes to the regulation of excessive oil, cleaning pores, and maintaining the glow of your skin, no one can beat Deyga’s Charcoal Detox Face Mask. The activated charcoal detoxifies your skin, unclog the pores and reduces the growth of acne-causing bacteria. In addition, it helps your skin to feel healthy and refreshed.
This may not be the miraculous solution you are looking for, but as you are now aware of what is comedonal acne, you have to be patient and follow these basic steps to get rid of comedonal acne. Deyga Organics could be the best companion in this tough journey. Fill your arsenal with Deyga’s 100% pure, handcrafted and organic products to keep your skin clear from comedones.