Picture this: you went shopping for a new skincare product and saw a label saying it was suitable for oily skin or dry skin. You would have tried determining your skin type right away holding the product in the store itself. Isn’t this true? If you failed miserably and headed to home right away with the sad cloud over your head, then let’s decode why you have such oily skin in some parts & why does it feel like a dessert in other areas of your face. Keep on scrolling down to understand your skin type or say skin mood (p.s. because it keeps on changing). Let’s tackle this smooth;


Combination skin is a mixture of oily and dry areas in different parts of your face. For example, the t-zone includes your forehead, nose, and chin being slightly oily while cheeks are mostly drier. It is just an example—you can have t-zone dry and cheeks oily, it doesn’t matter because it differs from person to person.
There are several reasons for your combination skin, but more or less it’s just genetics. However, the type of skincare you use can actively contribute to the development of your combination skin. Other factors unknowingly contribute to your combination skin moods such as diet and stress level. Stop being a couch potato and start paying attention to your combination skin with Deyga Organics.


The basic rule to combat the combination skin problems is to “divide and conquer” this phrase fits in right. You need to divide those oily areas from the dry area. Smear an oil-absorbing serum or moisturizer to the oily part and keep in mind that this could be a nightmare for the drier part. Wait a minute! You also have another hassle-free and effortless way – visit the official website of Deyga Organics to opt for the apt.



Toner should be on your list that has soothing, hydrating and non-irritating effects on your combination skin. All these qualities are filled in Deyga’s Ylang Ylang Mist. Deyga’s Ylang Ylang Mist is specially formulated for combination skin. The magic still distilled ylang ylang helps to regulate oil production and prevents your skin from excessive dryness and oiliness. A spritz directly on your face can give you instant refreshment and a kick-starting start to your day without bothering your dry and oily areas.


Using a gentle exfoliator is fantastic for combination skin. Don’t this sound familiar? Oh, common! Of course, this sounds like Deyga’s Face and Body Exfoliator, a rich combination of 100% natural ingredients like marjonam, khus khus, matcha, skin cherishing essential oil, lemon, and neem. The powerful mixture of pure elements makes it suitable for all skin types. Every ingredient commonly contributes to revitalizing, refreshing, and restoring the complexion without altering your combination skin.


Serums will calm your skin while controlling the dryness and oiliness in certain regions of your face. Deyga’s Beautifying Serum is a serum everyone desires. The unique blend of oils like moringa oil, baobab, grapeseed oil, khus khus, kukui oil, and bitter almond oil makes it an ideal match for all skin moods. The non-greasy, lightweight, and fast-absorbing serum packed with antioxidants and antibacterial qualities help to brighten the skin, repair hyperpigmentation and reduce the signs of ageing. The luxurious blend of herbs and oils keeps your skin looking young and youthful without teasing your combination skin mood.
Stop! If you are tired of using two different products for two different parts of your face. Right away visit the official website of Deyga Organics to treat your combination more naturally and purely.

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