You don’t need anyone to tell you how much important is water for life, right? It’s our lifeline, indeed! Even the building block of a body i.e. cell, needs water not only for sustenance but that glow up too. It’s when cells combine we get tissues & when tissues combine we get organs. And you guys may know it really well that skin is the largest organ of a human body.

Our body is approx 60% water. When the mechanism inside our body can perform well only in the presence of enough water, how could it go otherwise for the skin? Therefore, time & time again we’re recommended by our elders to drink plenty of water everyday.

We’ve always talked about a very important point regarding skincare that we must include both internal & external factors into our daily dose of skin care to get the best of our natural beauty.

Where one depends on a perfect nutritious meal & water for inner boost, one should definitely include natural skin care products to protect & replenish skin from outside.

If not much, you guys need to include at least one super hydrating ingredient into your skincare regime to get a flawless real skin! That ingredient is famous worldwide for it’s multi-purpose benefits.
Yes, it’s our beloved ‘Aloe Vera Gel’.
Now, a question arises, why Aloevera, among a treasure of so many effective natural ingredients around us?

Aloevera is a natural ingredient, a member of 'Liliqceae' family. Aloevera is a fulfilling pack of 75 active ingredients including vitamins A, C, E, B12, essential amino acids, fatty acids and choline which are all the necessary nutrients to nourish and strengthen every single strand of your hair.

Benefits of Aloevera:

Aloevera imparts beauty in various ways! Here are the benefits of Aloevera that would leave you astonishing over its efficiency as a powerful natural ingredient:
• Aloevera possess anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces scalp irritation, battles rashes & radically cure the problem of itching.
• Aloevera provides a deep nourishment to your skin, hair & scalp. Its moisturizing effect makes it a must choice to prevent dryness in unruly weather conditions.
• Various enzymes and fatty acids in Aloevera protects hair and strengthen roots.
• Vitamins C, E, B-12, Folic acid and Choline prevents dandruff and fight other scalp infections.
• Your hair grow 1 cm per month, but usage of Aloevera may fasten your hair growth by promoting hair growth cells.
With all these benefits, Aloevera proves to be a powerful ingredient for treating your damaged hair like a pro.
• Use of Aloevera ice cubes over face can tighten your skin preventing the premature aging signs. Its regular usage also lightens dark circles.
• If you prefer shaving over waxing, aloevera gel can be applied as a lubricant to avoid ingrown hairs & strawberry legs.

Aloevera grows in tropical and sub tropical zones. It’s plant is easily available in every part of India due to its favorable weather conditions here. But extracting its essence from Aloevera leaves is a tad annoying task. It’s quite sticky in nature. Hence, there are various aloevera products available in the market which make its usage easier and pleasant.

We at Deyga Organics bring you the goodness of Aloevera in a gel which is natural, handcrafted and cruelty free.
It can be used either on skin or hair. It presents all the benefits of natural Aloevera leaves in guise of a gel.

So hurry up, & drench your body in water & skin in Aloevera gel to get the plump & clear skin.