The most disturbing days are the ones when the face becomes an adobe for acnes. The irritation, pain and inflammation can really worsen the mood along with appearance. Isn’t it? People with sensitive skin are more prone to acnes and scars on their skin become almost inevitable. Till now you would have gained an idea about the concern we're going to discuss on today’s blog. Yes, it’s all about severe breakouts today i.e. Acnes or to be precise, the largest form of Acne namely Cystic Acne.

Before heading onto Cystic Acne, let’s learn what an ‘acne’ is in actual? And how is it formed?


It might appear as a swollen break out on skin but inside it, it’s a plug consisting of dead skin cells, sebum and acne causing bacteria. When the pores on skin are clogged by excessive sebum, a plug develops and its break down causes ‘acne’.


Primary cause of why acne occurs is yet to be found but hormonal changes, stress, smoking, unbalanced diet are some of the known contributors of it.
Acnes are classified into 5 types on basis of inflammation and severity namely Comedons (whiteheads and blackheads), Papules (small bumps), Pustules (bumps with pus), Nodules and Cyst. They can be either mild or moderate or severe.


Cyst is the most severe form of acne which is similar to boil. It’s a white or a red bump swollen and filled with pus and blood. Treating cystic acne at home is a hard but to crack, hence, if caught by it you would only have to consult a dermatologist to get rid of it surgically.

Cystic Acne can be sorely painful and annoying. So make sure to take no stress and eat right! Let’s look what to DO and what NOT to, as a precautionary measure to safeguard yourself against this pain stilling experience especially when you are an acne prone skin.

Starting the list with a few Don'ts here you go!


  • Smoke! Yes, as we all know, Smoking is injurious to health. However it’s excessively injurious in a short period of time for your entire skin health. Acnes, dark lips, dull skin are just a part of it.
  • Eat Junk! Junk is a synonym for garbage and hence, fast food is called 'junk' for a reason. The more junk you eat, the more acne prone you get.
  • Take Stress! Anxiety, depression and stress are never good for you by any means, especially for your skin. Premature aging and acnes are the visible results of the same.


  • Work Out! Exercising reduces the level of cortisol in your body, a hormone responsible for instilling stress and anxiety. Be stress free, be acne free!
  • Have a rich diet! Intake of Vitamin A, D, E and Zinc in adequate amount on daily basis prevent acne to a certain extent.
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These are a few steps you could follow everyday to deal with your acne prone skin like a pro. Easy to follow-up and potent enough to fight those soring cystic acnes, incorporate these Do's and Don’ts with a commitment of self-love. You can find your Anti-acne Kit only on the official website of Deyga Organics. Stay tuned for more informative blogs on healthcare! Ciao.