Glowing skin is not a dream anymore, it’s just at your footsteps!

There’s a saying that states, “The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin”! Well, definitely it’s an adornment every girl dreams of but it’s not a cakewalk. It requires commitment and takes your sweat and blood to attain that natural glossy look. Many of you, in fact all of you seek some beauty secrets like Korean skincare regime or Japanese techniques to make your skin shine through alike those Asian superstars. However these skin care regimes take much efforts and may not be suitable for those busy bees who hardly get any leisure. For them Deyga presents some easy yet important steps to consider and incorporate into their skin care routine to achieve that flawless glow.

And the best part is, it’s based on natural products tinted with sheer Indian tradition and handcrafted by Deyga Organics. You can also use your home made remedies but make sure you commit to the following steps wholeheartedly cause it doesn’t happen overnight and requires at least a month with determination to observe visible changes.

Now let’s head on to those life changing magic spells;

‘Be’-hydrated instead of ‘De’-hydrated;

Drinking plenty of water is first & the foremost key to unleash the inner glow and make your skin shine with a natural zeal. Water keeps your skin cells hydrated and prevents acnes, blemishes and wrinkles making your skin clear and healthy.

Sleep like a sleeping beauty;

Enough sleep not only revitalize your mind but it’s highly important for your skin health too. It helps in production of collagen, a protein inside your body that contributes to shiny hair, strong nails and healthy skin.

Exfoliate twice;

Glass clear skin comes with much added efforts. Sometimes your skin needs much more than a regular face/body wash. It needs exfoliation for a deep cleanse experience. Exfoliating your skin twice a week removes dead cells and rips off dirt from the core. Deyga's face and body exfoliator is enriched with the potent essence of Neem, Lemon, Khus khus and Black rice that works magic on stubborn and dark dead skin cells in a jiffy!

Have your bite of a healthy diet;

Importance of healthy and nutritious food is unsurpassable when you aim for a healthy skin care routine. Intake of adequate vitamins and minerals fulfills all that your skin needs to shine and glow.

A complementary face pack is a must;

Besides deep cleaning you need a natural face pack once in a day to provide your face goodness of natural ingredients rich in skincare nutrients. Deyga’s Rose & Mulethi face pack, Orange & Almond face pack, Tanner’s Cassie face mask are good to go options for a crystal clear look as they are formulated with premium quality and pure ingredients.

Perspire more in order to acquire more;

You got it right! Daily work out plans can keep you healthy throughout. Perspiration lets toxins out of your body and makes it look younger and glowing.
There are some of the very important steps you should abide by to get a clear and naturally glowing skin.

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