Hello gorgeous people out there! Yes the title is not a joke. Removing unwanted hair is not a painful experience anymore. Gone are the days when removing hair was a task we used to give second thought for. Going to salon, paying a huge amount, bearing all that pain, those red rashes time & time again, is all a part of beauty care history now.

We at Deyga understand that hair removal is a need rather than a want for many of us. And why not, after all it adds up to our self-confidence. The way we look at ourselves is a decisive factor in how much confident we feel in our skin.
To smoothen your hair removal session we have come up with organic Hair Removal powder. Yes, a powder made of nature ingredients wholly. Unlike other methods it’s completely safe to use. No tension of cuts, ingrown hair or that unbearable pain just soft supple smooth skin.

Let’s see what makes it a prime choice among many beauty bloggers;

• It’s formula is Ayurveda based. No toxicity at all, just best of nature.
• It’s cost effective.
• No pain no gain? Well of course it’s a big gain if you count smooth silky soft skin free of unwanted hair in it.
• While removing those unwanted hair it also exfoliates your skin mildly to provide you a glowing skin
• It saves your time. Just 15-20 minutes of your precious time & you’re done.

How to use it?

• Just take the required amount in a glass or wooden bowl (preferably).
• Mix some rosewater or normal water (as per your choice) to make it a paste. It shouldn’t be too runny or thick.
• Apply on the area in the direction of hair growth.
• Wait for 20 minutes. Then remove it with the help of a towel in opposite direction.

Things you must remember:

• We don’t recommend it using on face.

This hair removal is completely safe for unwanted hair down there. Just make sure you’re doing it carefully keeping all the steps in mind. You can avail special discounts on the official website of Deyga Organics for your purchase on Instant hair removal powder, so go shop & pamper yourself the way you deserve.