How to remove Dark spots?

Are you wondering how to reduce or eliminate those dark spots on your face? Switching to natural ways appears to be the wise choice with zero percent side effects. Our Deyga favourites can definitely help you!

Charcoal - The all-purpose skin care solution

Charcoal has various uses. Removing dark spots is definitely one of them! Activated charcoal is essentially charcoal treated with oxygen. This makes the product very absorbent and allows it to extract dirt, oils and grime from your skin with ease. This very property helps it dissolve the elements in a clogged pore and reduce dark spots.

Our Charcoal Bath Bar is a very effective formulation that not only reduces dark spots but keeps your skin refreshed and energized.

Reduce dark spots with Aloe Vera!

Aloe vera is another natural remedy that can provide marvels for the skin that is affected by dark patches thanks to its antioxidant-rich composition. It also has many vitamins like A, C, and, E, which help to reduce dark spots and even out skin tone.

Our Aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the face, prevents your skin from harmful pollutants, and helps to reduce marks while moisturizing your skin. Pure aloe vera extracts, packed in an eco-friendly bottle to help you benefit without the hassle.

The miracle herb - Moringa:

Moringa oil has a myriad of skincare benefits and is packed full of antioxidants that are hugely beneficial in combating acne and dark spots. Did you know that moringa is a powerful beauty ingredient to fight acne? Use Moringa oil to condition your dry skin and prevent acne.

Almond oil helps reduce dark spots too!

Its antioxidant rich composition helps increase its effectiveness against dark spots. It’s a great way to reduce puffiness and dark circles as well. Almond oil contains vitamins like E and K which help brighten the skin tone and keep irritants at bay.

Our beautifying serum  can also is a powerful blend of moringa oil, almond oil, baobab and kukui oil. Lightweight and non-greasy, it’s perfect for everyday use and can effectively reduce dark spots. It nourishes the skin from within and provides a natural and healthy glow.

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