Mulethi – The Magical Herb For A Flawless Skin

Mulethi, a versatile herb touts its existence to ancient grandmother times. The herb is spectacular and is known to provide umpteen health, skin and hair benefits.

Mulethi, also known as Liquorice, is a perennial herb found in multiple regions of Europe and Asia, especially India and it is one of the favourite herbs in Ayurveda. The herb has antioxidant, anti-diabetic, antiseptic, antibacterial, natural sweet properties which clearly substantiates why it is versatile.

Mulethi is recommended to be used as a powder so it blends well with its ancillaries.

Proven Benefits of Mulethi:

Mulethi, along with other natural elements like lemon juice, honey, orange juice, yoghurt, fuller’s earth, cucumber, rose water, etc, will help you achieve innumerable goodness for your skin and hair, not to mention health.

Skin Brightening:

Hyperpigmentation, patched skin, on and off dark shades on the skin, are a few of the common problems today. Mulethi has enough minerals and acids packed in it that will help you shed off those common skin problems and naturally brighten the skin.

Sun shield:

Mulethi  acts as a sun shielder and helps in lightening the dark circles, dark patches around the mouth. Regular usage of this mulethi will act as a permanent natural sunscreen.

Skin Moisturiser:

Who doesn’t love a baby’s skin? Well, everyone does. And flawless skin adds to the overall panache.

The root powder has enzymes that deal with treating the skin’s dryness and roughness. Using mulethi powder will act as a natural moisturizer making your skin love even more. It works on all skin types – dry, oily and dull skin.

Alleviates Dark Spots:

Dark spots from acne, mishaps, infection, etc are all a spot on the face. Liquorice powder can be used to lighten the dark spots and even out the skin colour. The enzymes help in toning dark skin and blemishes.

Allays Skin Infection:

Pimples, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infection, and a few other skin problems can be treated to its fullest with Mulethi  powder. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of this magical powder help in healing the skin infections and makes the skin super healthy.

Slows down Skin Ageing:

The antioxidants’ rich mulethi has proven to delay the ageing of the skin. The skin cells will remain free from oxidative and free radicals stress which is responsible for skin ageing.

With regular usage of mulethi powder for your skin, it is natural for the skin to glow with radiance and not show any signs of ageing.


The benefits of mulethi are exuberant. With the new skincare regimen evolving every day, it is always the roots that you will fall back to after realizing its temporary glow. Mulethi powder is one such treasured root and certainly vouched for by all the generations.

Breaking the mulethi to a fine powder is a labouring task and you cannot expect finesse unless you are an expert. The Rose and Mulethi Face Pack from Deyga is brewed into a fine powder with 100% natural mulethi, rose, oatmeal, and skin cherishing essential oil to help you radiate your skin’s beauty.