Have you ever been on a walk with your Grandma and then she suddenly stops to pluck leaves and flowers from various plants? You might have became exceedingly impatient and couldn't wait to get back home and know what she is up to, right? Of course! You would roam around until you get the reason. If it is her hair care day then the leaves will most probably attribute to the Indigo plant.

 Indigo is a small shrub that grows up to 1-2 meters high and produces a wide range of medicinal benefits, hair care properties and an alternative to chemical dyes. So, let's plunge into the perks of using Grandma’s favourite Indigo for hair health


Apart from being a natural dye, it aids premature greying of the hair. Indigo is rich in natural pigmenting agents that stain your hair and help you with premature greying of the hair. With regular usage in any form like the powder mixed with hair oil or can also be used as a hair mask. 


Indigo powder also acts as a natural cleanser that gently cleanses, without disturbing the PH balance of the scalp. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it releases a soothing effect that helps you to cope up with an itchy, dry and infectious scalp. 


Indigo powder regulates the movement of free radicals that promote hair loss. It increases the strength between the hair follicle and the hair strand. Adds up to the lack of nourishment to your hair and activates the dead hair follicles that promote the growth of new hair.


Using indigo as a hair mask will make your hair manageable. It also provides natural shine and gently detangles your hair to add up the volume. In addition, it makes your hair look naturally lustrous and thicker.

Indigo powder is one of the most amazing pure herbs that will change your hair game. To get the purest form same as your grandma uses, you have to visit the official website of Deyga Organics. Deyga brings you 100% pure, handcrafted and organic goodness of indigo-herbal hair pack infused with other homegrown herbs such as amla, henna, cassia, moringa, hibiscus, and aloe vera. Deyga’s herbal hair pack is the fusion of all-natural herbs that condition and nourish your hair from root to tip.


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