SKIN detox is one of the most buzzing words these days. “Detox” is a word that refers to a process where your body flushes all the internal toxins that came from an unhealthy lifestyle and environment. It sounds great to take a day off for detoxification, but do you really need this or not? When will be the right time to have a detox session? Or what are the signs that indicate you should have it right away? Well, here are some signs that are telling you to have a detox session immediately:


Dullness and dryness are ordinary problems. A pampering detox session with mild exfoliator can give you instant glow stripping off the dead skin cells which make your skin look pale and dry. Remember that over exfoliation or cleansing might rupture your outermost layer of the skin. As it’s like a protective layer (stratum corneum) of your skin, constant scrubbing and harsh cleanser can strip away all the natural oil and dirt protection. So don't over do it. 1-2 times a weak is absolutely fine.


Blackheads are the results of clogged pores filled with dirt and whiteheads are closed pores filled with gunk.
You can have a skin detox session whenever these comedons pop out on your face especially the nose area.


The reason for breakouts is the toughest question to seek the answer for. Agree? Lately, if you are having unusual breakouts in odd places, then a detox session can be the next good step.
If the concern is proper detoxification of your skin, what can be the better option other than a touch of mother nature?
Deyga’s Charcoal Detox Face Mask & Charcoal Bath Bar will make you realize the real goodness of our mother nature.
Deyga’s Charcoal Detox Face Mask helps you detox your skin with the power of natural ingredients like jasmine hydrosol, Australian tea tree hydrosol, activated charcoal, and guar gum. Rejuvenate your skin with Deyga’s Charcoal Detox Face Mask.
Deyga’s Charcoal Bath Bar fits right in your detox session, as it has 100% pure and natural ingredients like activated charcoal powder, castor oil, olive oil, castor oil, tea tree essential oil, unrefined shea butter, and extra virgin coconut oil. It takes out the toxins from your skin without scrapping off the natural oil and that too in your shower time with no extra efforts. Our Charcoal bath bar is a mild formula you can use everyday!
Other than our charcoal range, exotic blend of Spirulina algae and Matcha tea in our Spirulina and Matcha face pack is another great option to kick out all the impurities embedded beneath your skin. This face pack is a treasure of antioxidants that not only dig out gunk but also pamper your skin with enriching vitamins.

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