Winters are amazingly chilling and fun but at the same time challenging for your well hydrated skin. Dull & dry skin is one of its consequences which is quite a tough task to tackle with. However, No worries! We are here with 10 winter essentials from Deyga that would not only prevent the ripping off moisture from your skin but also draw a protection shield onto it so that you can enjoy the season with utmost zeal and remain carefree throughout!

Here’s a list of 10 Winter Must-Haves:

1) Sunscreen : Everyone of us like to have sunbath in winters especially when it’s too cold to sit inside the home. Bright sunrays may soothe us with sheer warmth but that doesn’t mean that they’re forgiving in winters. The skin still needs protection against tan and UV ray and what’s the best option other than sunscreen?
2) Lip Balm : Lips have the most delicate skin. Hence they need a special and focused care in winters. Although a lip balm is useful in every season, winters make it a basic necessity, a ‘must-have’ you can’t miss out. Deyga has an exquisite collection of nourishing lip balms from Beetroot to  Chocolate, Vanilla and Shea Butter, choose your favorite one and take a step forward towards your winter prep.
3) Aloevera Gel : A gentle cleanser and a natural moisturizer, Aloevera gel is a gem you need in your winter collectibles. You can use it as a night cream or mix it into your favorite DIY face mask, it never misses to instill long lasting and skin boosting hydration.
4) Body Butter: Procured from unrefined and raw shea butter nothing beats the natural and locking moisturizing properties of Body butter. It locks in moisture to avoid dryness in the freezing days of winters. It’s available in three variants on the website viz. Chocolate, Rose & Germanium and Unscented.
5) Tea Tree Toner : Air is usually dry during winters, hence, our skin produces more sebum than usual to maintain balance. This often leads to increase in acnes and breakouts. Therefore, here is your anti-acne sturdy formula for winters in the form of a facial toner.
6) Rose Glow Serum: Who doesn’t want a rose glow‽ However harsh and cold weather of the season hinders skin to shine at its best. Rose Glow Serum doesn’t only hydrate skin but also cherish that rosy glow on your cheeks.
7) Foot Butter: Feet are most vulnerable to this dry weather. Cracked heels are not only annoying but painful too in worse conditions. Nourish your feet, apply Foot butter and say goodbye to cracked heels forever!
8) Shea Saffron Bath Bar : Why not take include a nourishing bath bar too for a healthy glow and extra nourishment? Choose this smart combination of Shea and Saffron for bidding off farewell to dry and dull skin.
9) Shea nut Oil: People who fall prey to excessive dry skin can befriend this awesome natural oil known for its amazing moisturizing properties. Cold pressed from shea nuts, it’s a perfect emollient for both skin and hair.
10) Essential Oil: The season comes with merriment of Christmas but not to forget that we’re also easily prone to cough, sore throat and many other common ailments during winters. Essential oils like Tea Tree, Turmeric, Lavender will not only work on skin irritations but also work on headaches and uplift mind through aromatherapy. For it’s therapeutic properties, remember to carry it always especially in WINTERS. 

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