Proper Hair-care has never been an easier task. Dandruff, itchy scalp, premature greying and what not. Our busy lives don’t really allow us to banish these problems from roots. However there is an easier way to do it in bits and chunks. A little pampering daily can completely change the game for your weak and damaged hair into your favor. Read till end to know more.
Firstly you need to know a few tips you should pay heed to in order to begin your hair transformation journey;


Styling comes with heating your hair strands at blistering temperature which may cause hair thinning. When overdone without heat protectant it may also stop hair growth completely. Hence, it’s recommended to give yourself a break from styling hair while you’re already at the verge of danger which comes in the guise of scary hair fall.


Natural haircare is effective when no toxic chemical gets a room in your hair care cabinet. Sticking to organic, pure and cent percent natural products can be your key to unlock great hair health.


Right hair-care is incomplete without eating right. From fresh fruits to leafy greens, focus on making the most out of the mother earth’s blessings in the form of whole plant based nutrition rich food.
Now it’s the time for products that will boost your hair health to the core.
Here’s a list of Deyga’s bestsellers from hair care range which have successfully brought a positive change in many lives;

Herbal Hair Pack :

The essence of different hair friendly natural ingredients altogether packed in an eco-friendly jar is all made to change the game for your hair health. With Hibiscus as a star cast, this hair pack adds shine to your hair. Wait. Not only shine, it strengthens your hair strands and prevent breakage in order to reduce and certainly end hair fall down the line.

Hair Growth Oil :

A power-packed combination of various natural oils like Coconut oil, Caster oil, Grapeseed Oil infused with nature’s glorious remedies Fenugreek and Curry leaves is made more impactful with a sheer tint of False Daisies and Rosemary Essential Oil into it. This fusion is formulated to reduce hair fall at a fast pace and treat damaged hair from roots. A relaxing massage with this oil twice a day is all you need to provide due nourishment to your hair.

Coconut Milk Shampoo Bath Bar :

Coconut Milk has vividly shown its efficacy as the best natural hair conditioner and cleanser. With hair friendly add-ons such as Amla, Shikakai and Bhringaraj into making of this unique bath bar it only enhance your hair quality after every wash. It makes hair silky, strong and frizz free.

Hair Serum :

A short trick to make hair manageable and frizz free is to pour a few drops of Hair Serum on your scalp and pat it in your hair down the length. Made from jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, carrot seed oil and flax seed oil it excellently work upon hair to look shiny and healthy.

Incorporation of these products into your hair care regime will not only treat your damaged hair but also make gateways for hair growth, ultra shine and quality that you’ve always dreamt of since a very long time.