Hello beauties! Are you enjoying the autumn? Well, of course you are!
Soon we’re going to enter the pre winter period. Before we do so this blog is one reminder from our part for y’all to be prepared against that extra punch of dryness that’s expected to come along.

Body Lotion is the universal product. Every age, every gender, every skin needs one. Different people may have different needs & same goes for the skin type. Different skins need different products to look at it’s best. But!!! Here’s our Vanilla Body lotion that accompanies every skin type greatly. Hence, being the deal breaker for everyone of you despite your age, gender or SKIN TYPE.
Let’s see what makes Vanilla Body Lotion a heart winning player in the game of skincare for all skin types.

Deyga’s Vanilla Body Lotion is made of freshly procured Vanilla, farm fresh aloe Vera & tons of antioxidants that makes it a ‘go-to’ product for every skin type.
With it as your skincare partner you get the chance to wear exotic smell of vanilla & radiate happy vibes wherever you stroll by.

Vanilla is super rich in antioxidants that has power to reverse skin damage. When combined with almond oil and aloevera gel as its comrades, it delivers the subtle experience of gentle hydration along with the mood enhancing aromatic smell.

Aloevera is such a great natural moisturizer. It is a fulfilling pack of 75 active ingredients including vitamins A, C, E, B12, essential amino acids, fatty acids and choline which are all the necessary nutrients in providing colossal nourishment to the skin.

When aloevera meets the goodness of almond oil touched with the exuberant vanilla, Deyga’s Vanilla Body Lotion is bound to deliver the best of the skincare world!


Apply it twice a day. After your morning shower and before hitting the bed at night. Show extra care on body parts that loose moisture faster. Do not miss out your elbows, knees and neck as these areas need more hydration to shine brighter.

A body lotion is a must commodity in body care cabinet. Your blood can feed your body from inside but it definitely needs the care from outside as well in order to feel happy and pampered. Fetch the latest range of Deyga’s handcrafted skin & hair care products from the official website of Deyga Organics and gift your body the care it deserves.