Orange & Almond Face Pack Mini - 15 Gms

Tan Removal I Even skin tone I Brightens
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Our refreshing citrus face pack is here to conquer tan, dullness, and pigmentation by enhancing skin texture and radiance.

Net Quantity - 15G

  • These natural ingredients help enhance skin texture and provide a healthy, natural glow.
  • The antioxidant content present in almond is very essential for skin elasticity.
  • They help rejuvenate your skin and keep it fresh.

All Skin types

Almond Meal

Sun Dried Orange Pulps

Turmeric Root

1)What can I use to dilute the Orange and Almond face pack?
A)You can dilute it with milk (raw or boiled), curd, or rose water for best results 
2)Can I leave Orange and Almond face pack for one hour or until it gets dry?
A)Keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Leaving it on for more than an hour might end up drying the skin. 
 3)Can it be used on all skin types?
A)Yes, it suits all skin types. Just have a patch test before using it on your face.
 4)How frequently can I use Orange and Almond face pack?
A)Use it twice a week for better results  
 5)What is the difference between the Orange Almond Face Pack and Tanner’s Cassia Face Pack?
A)Orange and Almond Face Pack reduces the tan and gives an instant skin boost. Tanner’s Cassia improves skin texture and reduces blemishes. 
 6) Will it whiten my skin?
A)We as a brand don't believe any product, (especially organic fusion) can change the nature of skin tone. But we can assure you that Orange almond instants reduces your uneven tan
7) Can kids use this ?
A)As this is a blend of 100% herbal powders, you can use it on kids too. Just take a patch test to find out if they are allergic to any natural ingredient.
 8) Should I flow up with a cleanser after the face pack?
A)It's better to cleanse your skin first, follow up with a toner (for best absorption), and then use the face pack.
 9) Will the orange in this pack dry my skin ?
A)Orange doesn't dry up the skin; instead, it helps in de-taining while boosting the skin's complexion 
10) I like your Face and Body Exfoliator. Can I use both the orange almond and the exfoliator on the same day?
A)Actually, you can use it continuously. First, scrub your face and follow up with a face pack for best results.

  • For very dry skin- Dilute the pack with curd and make it into a paste, then apply it to the face and body to get bright, glowing skin
  • Orange and Almond face pack can also be used on the body as well
  • Use it after a tiring day to instantly reduce tan
  • Fun fact: You can also add potato juice, rose water, milk, or any fruit or vegetable juice "

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