When we were younger, we used to have beetroot juice to increase the production of red blood cells and keep us healthy. We usee this nourishing vegetable in our formulations to enrich the skin.

History: The philosopher Hippocrates used leaves of beetroot for binding and dressing wounds while ancient Indians also made use of them as natural pigments.

Parts Used: The taproot portion of the beet plant is used in creating our tinted lip balms.

Composition: Beets are rich in folate, manganese, potassium, iron and Vitamin C. It is packed with inorganic nitrates which is important for several functions of the human body. The presence of the compound betanin gives it a popular vividness in color.

Scientific name: Beta vulgaris

Beetroot is rich in skin-enhancing vitamins and minerals that can give you soft nourished skin! The antioxidants in it helps in lighting the dark pigmentation or discoloration of your lips while giving it a healthy glow.

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