Known as pig nut, wild hazel and coffeeberry, this green fruit is a great nourisher. We use in in our formulations to provide your with nutrients and gentle care.

History: It is native to the Southwestern United States. It typically grows to 1–2 meters tall, with a broad, dense crown. The flowers are small and greenish-yellow.

Parts Used: Jojoba seed is used for formulations.

Composition: Jojoba Oil contains many essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and vitamins. The ingredient is naturally rich in Vitamins A, D and E.

Scientific name: Simmondsia Chinensis

Jojoba oil helps retain moisture in the skin. Jojoba oil can be gently massaged on the lips to ensure no dryness and cracks. Jojoba oil helps greatly reduce wrinkles. Jojoba oil helps strengthen hair follicles on the scalp causing hair to grow stronger and healthier. Jojoba Oil is superb in Massage Oils, Hair Oils, Soaps, and Skin & Hair Preparations.

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