A natural dye, Indigo has been know to help promote hair growth and reduce baldness. Our formulations mix this powder in the recommended ayurvedic methods to provide maximum benefits to your hair!

History: The plants originated from tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. The cultivation of indigo plants and the extraction of the dyestuff were an important industry in India up to the beginning of the 20th century.

Parts Used: The primary use of indigo is formulated as crystalline powder.

Composition: The appearance of indigo is a dark blue crystalline powder. The compound that bears indigo blue, is a glycoside bond with another molecule, indoxyl.

Scientific name: Indigofera

Indigofera is used for Glowing Skin. It helps in fighting sores, ringworm and blisters. It helps in hair rejuvenation. It is also used as a natural hair darkening substance. It is used as a remedy for treating premature greying of hair.

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