6 Simple Steps To Grow Your Mustache and Beard Effortlessly

Men with facial hair understand that a beard is an attractive feature on their faces, and maintaining it is equally important. Growing a beard is in itself a task, and keeping it in good condition requires quite an extra effort. 

For someone who is specific about wanting a luscious, fuller-looking beard, you need to spend extra time taking care of it. You need to follow a beard regimen – wait until the patchy look covers up, trim it often, adhere to beard-care steps, invest in effective beard-care products, etc. And this overall grooming process will eventually pay off, giving you the fuller beard look. 

It is a process, and no magic can happen overnight to help you produce a crop of new hair on your face. However, we can recommend a few grooming tips and the best mustache and beard oil products that will help you get the swagger for  your beard.

Best Moustache and Beard Care Routine

Beard grooming comes down to a few simple steps that you must follow daily, like any other routine. Regardless of the kind of beard you have – patchy or fuller-looking – you must follow these steps to attain the result and maintain it until you need it. 

(i) Wash and clean your beard: Like washing your hair to get rid of the dirt and dryness, your beard hair also needs to be washed. You need to wash it a few times in the week. It will help you to get rid of the grime accumulated in the beard and open the pores. 

(ii) Shampoo and condition: Yes, you read it right. There are beard shampoos available in the market, else, you can use a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner (it is optional). After shampooing, dry your beard naturally or dry it with a soft cloth. 

(iii) Apply beard oil: Here comes the main part. There are many products that claim to be the best. However, choosing a natural product will help you in growing and maintaining the beard for a long time. 

One such natural, pure, and handcrafted product is Deyga’s Mustache and Beard Oil. The product is a blend of pure Flaxseed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Cinnamon Essential Oil. It is a non-greasy oil that you can help moisturize your mustache and the beard. 

Deyga’s mustache and beard oil benefits extend to 

  • Softening and conditioning the mustache and beard’s hair texture
  • Promoting even & faster hair growth
  • Controlling beard and mustache hair fall
  • Sealing up the moisture in the beard hair 
  • Giving a sharper, fuller look every day from its first use
  • Eliminating awful itching and scratching

Take some quantity of Mustache and Beard oil and gently apply on your jaw and run through the hair. 

(iv) Brush your beard: Gently using a wide-toothed comb, brush your beard hair to spread the oil evenly.

(v) Trim your beard: Like your hair, you must trim your beard and mustache regularly to get rid of dry ends and maintain the natural oil in it.

(vi) Take care: Last but definitely not the least, you need to take care of your health - diet, sleep, exercise, and be stress-free. Beard hair is also similar to the natural hair on your head, and taking care of your whole body will result in healthy, luscious beard hair too.

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