Four-Step Skincare Routine To Bid Goodbye To Acne Scars

Acne is a common problem for most people, regardless of age. It occurs when the body experiences a sudden hormonal imbalance. The sudden fluctuation in hormones stimulates the glands to produce excess oil, which will, in turn, clog the pores on your skin to make way for bacteria to reside. 

Acnes are not biased, and it occurs in both men and women. Menstrual cycles, menopause, and puberty are a few of the notable stages of life for acne occurrences. 

Acne in itself is very distressing, and the scars it leaves behind add to the cause. If you have tried all the pricking and popping, we recommend you to stop doing that right away as it will only worsen the condition. 

Acne scar is the end product of inflamed lesions. These lesions seep into your skin, breaking the tissues under it. And leave pits on the face. 

Sink into the reality that acne and its scars will not disappear overnight. Although there is no fixed time for its disappearance, we can help you speed things up in pimple scar removal with our Anti-Acne Kit. 

With regular usage, you will notice that the acne scars on the face reduce gradually. 

Besides, using the Anti-acne Kit from Deyga will help you to prevent acne from occurring again.

The anti-acne kit constitutes 

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Facial Toner
  • Neem Seed Oil
  • Charcoal Bath Bar
  • Aloe vera Gel

It is a specially formulated, 100% handmade, and natural Anti-acne kit that helps your skin to combat acne and scarring on the face. It is very effective for getting rid of pimple scars and pits on the face.

Follow the four-step skincare regimen with the anti-acne kit and be free from acne scars. 

Step #1: Start with cleansing

Cleansing helps you to clean your face and remove debris that cannot be seen with the naked eye, on your face. It will also help you control and prevent the new breakouts from occurring. 

Once you have blocked the path for the new ones to occur, you will start noticing a difference.

Clean your face with water. Begin by applying the Tea tree essential oil or Neem seed oil on your face and dab some on the breakouts with a cotton ball.  

The medicinal qualities in the tea-tree and neem seed help to fight acne and open the pores for the skin to breathe natural freshness. 

Tea-tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It helps to moisturize the skin and supplies enough hydration for the entire day.

Neem seed is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It gets till the inside of the skin and washes away all the grimes.

Step #2: Follow up with some gentle scrubbing

The charcoal bath bar is the next thing you must consider using for your skincare regimen.

It is handmade and 100% natural. Charcoal helps to cleanse the skin, unclog pores, wipe off dirt, and wash away dead skin cells. Using this bath bar will help in pimple scar removal. 

Step #3: Aim at reviving

The third step involves treating your skin with tea tree facial toner. You can use this toner after using the charcoal bath bar. 

Using this toner will supplement the goodness of the bath bar and leave your skin baby soft. It will help remove impurities and ensure your pores are all unclogged.  Unclogged pores means clean and healthy skin that has zero pits on the face. 

It is all about reviving your skin.

Step #4: Finish with some pampering

Pamper your skin with nature’s abundant hydrant – the mighty aloe vera. From treating skin to health conditions, this versatile healer plays an important role. 

After following a calming skincare regimen in the morning, take some generous amount of Deyga’s aloe vera gel and apply it on your face and neck before you go to bed. You will wake up to radiant and hydrated skin. Using this gel daily will help in pimple marks removal and prevent any pimple from occurring. 


When you are trying any natural product on your skin, remember the golden rule

| Consistency is the key.

We solicit you to religiously follow this four-step skincare routine to notice a difference in your skin’s texture and stay free from pits on the face.

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