Hello friends! Today you're going to come across something really important and worth knowing stuff which you might not be aware of before. Pampering your skin with natural face packs and scrubs is important but good diet is a prerequisite without which nothing works. Our body is a machine which works on fuel in guise of necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. We are often mislead by junk food for its delicious taste but not to forget, “junk remains junk”! Nothing can replace the nutritious home cooked food instilled with healthy nutrients.

A healthy body is a gateway to a healthy, glowing skin. Therefore the diet you take is majorly responsible for your skin health following by the natural skin care treatments. Nowadays many people depend on protein supplements to complement their diet but according to a 2012 review on “Nutrition & Aging” only fruits and vegetables are the safest and healthiest approach to accomplish good skin health.

Your skin structure, stretch and suppleness depend on a protein named Collagen. Your body is only able to produce collagen in good amount if you intake essential vitamins necessary for its synthesis. Vitamin C plays the hero here since it’s the most essential cofactor required for two enzymes namely Lysyl hydroxylase and Prolyl hydroxylase that synthesize Collagen. There are many types of collagen but the ones that you need in rebuilding your skin structure can be suffice by meals you take as food provides the bioavailable (easily absorbed by body) form of collagen which your body can use in a right way. As age increases collagen production inside the body decreases resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin. Hence, make sure you maintain collagen level inside you to prevent premature aging and keep your skin free of cellulites and stretch marks.

To ensure your good diet and amazing skin health, here is a list of 7 collagen rich natural ingredients you can incorporate easily into your meals;


These cute little red fruits are super rich in Vitamin C contributing to 30% of important nutrients needed in collagen production. Make sure you’re having them everyday in some way or the other!


Beans are rich in proteins that induce important amino acids in our body. These amino acids help in the process of collagen synthesis. Be ready for beans!


Widely used as an herb and a spice, garlic has its unique ethos. It not only spices up food but is also known to prevent the breakdown of collagen, safeguarding its production inside the body.


Yummy cashews can act a cherry on the cake for any dessert but a handful of them as a mid day snack can provide enough zinc and copper to your body which help collagen production to a great extent.


Leafy greens have chlorophyll (a color pigment) in them which supports collagen levels by enhancing the process.


Orange, lemon, sweet lemon and other citrus fruits are bombshells highly rich in Vitamin C. Eat at least one citrus fruit every day to boost the collagen levels inside your body.


Tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple ,guava uplift the process of collagen production by providing the necessary nutrients mainly Vitamin C to the body.

It’s time to search new recipes including these collagen boosting super foods. Don’t forget to check Deyga’s official website because your skin also calls for natural products to have a complementary skin care regime. Stay healthy!