Must haves are basic skincare essentials everyone must use in order to nourish skin on regular intervals. Inspite of a healthy meal, a well planned skincare routine is equally important to protect & rejuvenate your skin. To those who have no idea of what they should start with & are confused about what products they need to have a minimal skincare routine, here we are to guide you through this basic process!

We have divided this blog into 3 categories to ease your reading; Must haves for dry skin, oily skin & combination skin. Before that, you should mug up one thing that minimal skincare is everything you need. You need not various fancy steps to save your skin against pollutants & premature ageing. A short, simple & easy routine will suffice to meet your basic skincare needs.


Shea saffron handmade soap + Rose water toner + under eye gel + Deep moisturising cream.

Deyga’s bath bars are wholly made of natural ingredients with a super mild formula that’s suitable for your face too. Shea saffron is a moisturising bath bar that will gently clean your skin. Toner is essential to lock in moisture, rose water is a hydrating one that accompanies dry skin well. Under eye gel looks like an extra add on but it’s a mandate step to avoid fine lines in under eye area as dry skin is more prone to premature ageing signs. Last step is to use a good moisturiser that makes even super dry skin, a healthy one.


Charcoal handmade soap + Tea tree toner + under eye gel + Light moisturising cream
Charcoal is like a magnet for impurities. For oily skin it’s the best cleanser. Tea tree toner controls excess sebum relieving pores. Under eye gel maintains hydration in under eye area & light moisturising cream moisturises skin well imparting no greasiness making it the right kind of face cream for oily skin.


Rose Pink Clay handmade soap + Basil Toner + under eye gel + Light moisturising cream

Rose Pink clay is great at performing two tasks simultaneously; hydrating the skin & cleansing the pores. Basil toner does the same balancing the pH levels & nourishing the skin as well. Under eye gel promises to give bright under eye area while light moisturising cream makes your skin plump & hydrated.

NOTE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: A sunscreen is a common must have for every skin type. Before heading out in the day time please make sure that sunscreen be the last step of your skincare routine.
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