Avocado Oil - The Secret to Healthier Hair

Healthy, shiny, dandruff-free hair is a dream for most of us. Avocado oil may be the secret to achieving it! Read on to know more.

A  versatile stone fruit, Avocado and the oil extracted from its pulp are rich in antioxidants that help your body to neutralize free radicals, oxidative stress from the numerous toxins,  and boost your immune system. Its use in the hair care and personal care industry is becoming more common! Here’s why:

4 Benefits of avocado oil for hair

1. It improves scalp health 

    Avocado oil contains monounsaturated fats, a great solution for dry or sensitive scalp. This nourishing oil is able to quickly penetrate into the second layer of the skin which is called dermis and provides a deep moisturizing treatment to the scalp.

    2. Reduces dandruff

      A flaky scalp is often due to dryness or bacterial growth. A simple massage with avocado oil before a hair wash can help moisturize your hair effectively and reduce the appearance of dandruff flakes. 

      3. Improves hair growth

        Avocado oil contains vitamin D, which is crucial for the generation of new hair follicles. The oil penetrates through the hair shaft and moisturizes your hair. It strengthens the hair strands and helps prevent breakage. Avocados are flushed with the nutrients and vitamins your hair needs to be stronger and thicker.

        4.Provides protection against harmful UV rays

          Applying avocado oil to your hair can protect from pollution, sunlight, seawater, and chlorine that can dry your hair shafts. Avocado oil also contains Vitamin E, which can transpose and heal the damage done by the sun’s rays. Vitamin E also helps with general hair repair and protection.

          Avocado oil is also rich in biotin, vitamin B-5 and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for hair health. It can help in sealing cuticles and works to repair and strengthen your hair roots ensuring long-lasting results.

          We’ve created a natural anti-dandruff oil with avocado oil and a few other organic oils that can really nourish and rejuvenate your scalp while reducing dryness and the appearance of flakes.

          You can check it out here.

          After using the oil, we recommend using natural, chemical-free shampoos to keep the natural moisture of your scalp intact and really allow the oil to work its magic. You can check out our Coconut Milk shampoo bar. It is handmade, organic and prepared with freshly picked ingredients. 

          Healthier, happier hair is just a click away with avocado oil! Check out our other organic hair care products on our website.

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