Care the foot that carries you!

We remember to get periodical beauty treatments to look our best. Clean-ups for flawless glow, hair treatments for damage-free hair, waxing for smooth and beautiful body at least once in a month is a ritual! Right? These are actually the necessities that should be done in order to maintain that classy look you had been working for long. Besides good looks it’s also essential cause taking care of yourself is the best way to ‘self-love’. Your skin breathes, hair giggle and body reflects joy when you care for it gently and properly. But are you sure you have been taking complete care of your skin health and doing it right? Well, if you’re skipping the foundations of your body i.e. ‘Your Feet’ in this skincare regime, then probably not! It’s a glitch that won’t let your skincare program complete without being entertained. This blog is entirely attributed to the reasons why you shouldn’t miss your feet in the body care routine plus what measures you can take to look after them in the easiest ways possible!

We often forget that our feet need as much care as we provide to other parts of our body. Infact our feet work harder and may encounter a lot more harmful bacteria due to its direct contact with land from time to time. With each step we take there are hundreds of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments that work together in coordination. So isn’t it rightful of them to enjoy a chilling and cleansing session too? Of course it is! And Deyga Organics has again made it a cake walk to do so.

With its purely natural, cruelty-free and handcrafted Foot Care Kit, Deyga has come up with a ready to use formula gifting you a stress free and joyful experience. Deyga's Foot Care Kit consists of a pack of Foot Crystals, Foot Scrub and Foot Butter to land your feet onto seventh heaven of awestriking satisfaction. With the use of organic and natural ingredients into the making of these products, Deyga takes care of your feet as its soulful duty. Where Foot Crystals infused with peppermint take you to a stress free world of peace, Foot Scrub works as an ace exfoliator to remove dead cells and provide them glow. Nonetheless Foot Butter works as a finisher. Extra virgin coconut oil and almond butter rich foot butter deeply nourishes your feet and protects them against dull and dry skin. These three products can leave you astonished with the visible results when used frequently in a proper manner. A Foot bathe with Foot Crystals infused in lukewarm water following with gentle scrubbing and moisturizing is the key to go and you are done with the treatment.

So opt this good to go foot care regime by just visiting the official website of Deyga Organics and purchase your part of Foot happiness!
Other than this blissful Foot Care Kit,

Deyga suggests a few tips that must be followed to keep your feet healthy;

  • Always choose a perfect shoe size that fits you fine. Tight shoes can distort your toe shape and even cause long lasting aches.
  • Barefoot walking has enormous benefits to our body. Just make sure you clean your foot post barefoot walk.
  • Clean your feet properly pay special attention while bathing.
  • Exercise is a good choice for maintaining flexibility of muscles. It reduces chances of cramps and sprains.

Your feet are blessing that make you independent physically! Take care of them. Stay Safe!