It makes sense to be careful about what goes on your skin, why? Because the skin is the largest and vital organ that protects your entire body. Being mindful of what goes on to your skin doesn’t make you the odd one out. There are thousands of skincare brands available in your nearest shop, that doesn’t make it logically good. Before hopping on new skincare, you should check the ingredients list, if any of the following elements are listed, dump them right away because your skin doesn’t desire that.



Parabens are a well-known ingredient to avoid. Research has linked parabens to breast cancer. It creates a disturbance in hormone levels that result in an adverse effect on your body. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Oxybenzone is a well-known endocrine disruptor. You might have a question—what does the endocrine do? Psst! Endocrine disturbs your overall hormone imbalance which can lead to a weak immune system, respiratory problems, and altered nervous system.


If you are already battling acne, discolouration and marks, synthetic colours are not your cup of coffee. As for them, they block pores, cause irritation, inflammation, and mainly interfere with your natural oil barrier resulting in a severe reaction.


You enjoy making foam and lathering over your skin or hair, it is the first and foremost hint to know your cleanser contains sulphate. Duh it’s difficult to get over this, isn’t it? But it is a potent skin, eye and lungs irritant, this reason is enough to get over with a toxic chemical that doesn’t suit your skin.


These are the real culprits that create an urge to go with the fragrance. Basically, phthalates are one of the foxy compounds that hide under the fragrance’s umbrella. However, you might get caught in the trap, so you need to know what it does to your body. It has superb skin absorbing properties that easily penetrate your skin, and here, the climax is phthalates are carcinogenic. In addition, it adheres to the development of reproductive organs.
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