Skin discolouration is entirely a natural process. However, it couldn't hit you unless you have insanely blessed DNA, sushh! Don’t feel unlucky because it's a natural part of existence. But, you should know how to determine skin discolouration. Here's how: Do you have a kind of camouflaged face texture? Check. Is your skin tone uneven, resulting in strange shadows? Check it again.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for skin discolouration. Read on to learn about the two types of skin discolouration. The first is more concerned with pigmentation, whereas the second is more concerned with discolouration caused by acne scarring, often known as uneven skin texture.



Hyperpigmentation is probably the first thing you think of whenever you hear of skin discolouration. However, you might be surprised to know that it is a type of skin discolouration. It is a sort of dark spot that fills up your beautiful skin. The reason behind this could be your hormones flipping or the sun perking your skin. Your skin produces an excess amount of a protein called melanin, which is responsible for discolouration. It is crucial to note that the skin texture remains unchanged despite the colour change. This sort of skin discolouration is not considered an acne scar.


It is a concave dent in your skin that results from pick marks, acne scarring, or pockmarks. You've got too many options to call them. The bad news is that they are really hard to deal with. It damages your skin much deeper than you thought. To repair the damage, your skin releases collagen, and that healing process leaves the mess behind. It does occur when you let your acne heal naturally or pop the strong head.
Pockmarks are impossible to treat. However, you can reduce their appearance on your skin. Before you ask how let’s find the perfect comrade to fight off that unshakeable discolouration.


Deyga’s Orange & Almond Face Pack is entirely made up of organic components like almond meal, sun-dried orange pulps, turmeric root, and skin cherishing essential oils that have numerous skin advantages. Oranges and almonds are wonderful anti-tan treatments that help to reduce pigmentation. These natural components improve the texture of your skin and give it a healthy and natural glow. Almonds are high in antioxidants, which are important for skin suppleness. They also assist you in the rejuvenation and preservation of your skin.
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