‘CTM+SPF’ The Easiest Skincare Code For Glowing Skin

CTM as we’re all familiar with, stands for Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing. These three magical words may sound simple in the world of skincare but when performed regularly these become the real game changers for your skin.
Flawless skin doesn’t come overnight rather it’s a blissful fruit of at least a month long dedication towards healthy skin practices. The generic rule of CTM is just the foundation from where you can start your skin care regime in the right direction.

Importance of CTM

Proper cleansing in one’s skincare routine plays the vital role. Until & unless this step is done correctly, you can’t reap out the benefits from the other two. Choose a mild cleanser that supports your skin type & banishes all the dirt & grim away from your pores radically yet in a gentle way.
It’s significance: Clean pores would absorb the essence of ingredients better.

Toning is prepping your skin to keep the hydration intact for a longer period of time. It double cleanses & balances skin’s PH value to keep it healthy and infection free.
It’s significance: Toner rejuvenates the skin making it look fresh and radiant.

Moisturizing is the ultimate step your skin craves for. It locks hydration in your skin giving premature ageing signs a way out.
It’s significance : It maintains suppleness & elasticity of the skin.

Now this was the basic skincare you can follow before hitting the bed. During daytime never forget to apply an SPF that goes well with your skin. We talk about the importance of Sunscreen time & time again just because it’s the ultimate shield for your skin against the harmful UV rays.

Tip: Choose a moisturizer that works as a sunblock too. Or else go for a sunscreen but don’t skip on sun protection.
Perform your CTM routine twice a day daily, for better results. Stick to natural products that suit your skin type. You can even go for amazing DIYS or choose Deyga’s authentic range of skincare products available on the official website of Deyga Organics & the Deyga App. You get a special discount on your first purchase from the Deyga App so hurry, install it right now & enjoy the exclusive offers