Trying to get rid of unwanted breakouts? Here’s what you need to know

Hello pals! It’s sad to find unwanted breakouts on your face despite following a consistent skin care regime. Isn’t it? Have you ever paid heed to the cause behind it? What nurtures these spoilers to bud on your face especially when you’re on a strict health care routine? Well, it might seem trivial to you or not worthy enough to catch your attention. However it’s playing big in silence. Want to know what’s really going wrong with you despite your toilsome efforts for a glowing skin? If yes, then this blog is destined to be read by you. Keep reading!
Are you sure you hit the bed with a clean face? Are you allowing your face to heal during your sleep every night? Now let’s understand the context of these questions (it’s really important)! It’s a proven fact that your skin heals during night. When you sleep at night, a repairing process starts within you. It works on your entire body. The energy you gain by eating right helps you to boost and heal the damaged or weaker parts of your body. It implies to your skin too as it is the largest organ (external) of human body.
People often commit this mistake of not cleansing their face. Remember guys even if it’s a BB cream, you should double cleanse your face before hitting the hay. Your skin needs rest alike your body. Make up on your face close all the healing gateways for your skin. Clogged pores may leave severe effects on your skin in the guise of break outs and more. Let’s see how ‘not removing make up before going to bed' is ruining your face?
• With make on at night you become prone to acnes and pimples due to accumulated dirt in the pores.
• Your eye makeup may invite wrinkles, a big sign of pre mature aging when you don’t clean it before sleeping.
• Dullness and blemishes is another side effect you face while sleeping with make up on.

Hence, this small mistake can eventually make all your skin pampering efforts go in vain. Could you now imagine what harm you were causing to your beautiful face? Don’t worry if you have been doing it since a long time cause it’s never too late to start afresh.
Here are a few steps which you ought to follow for a perfect night care routine. It will not only pamper your soft skin but also amplify the healing process.
• The foremost step is to “double cleanse” your skin if you’re wearing any make up on. Firstly, clean it with an oil based cleanser. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be the best make up remover to go for. Secondly opt for a mild cleanser. Deyga’s Charcoal soap will help you do it with utmost care.
• Spray Toner for a gush of freshness. Deyga has a magnificent collection of 7 different types of toners for you. You can go for the one of your favorites. Jasmine facial toner, Lemon Mist, Khus khus Mist, Basil toner, Tea tree facial toner, Rose water toner and Ylang Ylang mist are handcrafted with pure and natural extracts of their respective hero ingredients.
• Last but not the least, hydrating your face is utterly important step to follow. Hydrate your face with Deyga’s Aloevera gel every night. It’s essential to provide your skin enough moisture for making it radically healthy.

These are the pro tips that every one should include in their skin care routine every night. Immune your face against unwanted break outs and flaunt your glowing skin by using Deyga’s natural products which are only available on the Deyga App & the official website of Deyga Organics.

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