HEY! Do you swear by your sunscreen? If you’re confused about your answer then this blog is for you. People who have been searching for a reliable sunscreen, we have a recommendation for you. Yes, it’s none other than Deyga’s organic sunscreen.

Let’s see why Deyga’s natural sunscreen is a must try:

• It’s completely natural in formula
• It’s organically procured
• No harmful toxins added
• It’s not just a shield against harmful UV rays but a moisturiser as well so you get a complete package of sunscreen plus skincare
• It provides broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB rays
• It protects, repairs & also provides subtle glow to skin
• Spfs are generally sticky in formula but Deyga’s sunscreen is non greasy & non sticky in formula
• Absolutely handcrafted with love to make it more homely for you

You can get Deyga’s natural sunscreen on the official website of Deyga Organics guys. We’re delighted to inform you that you can now order your favourite products from the official App of Deyga Organics now. Yes friends, we’re now available in an App to ease your shopping experience. You can get many perks on your orders if you install the App right away & make your first purchase.

Now coming on the question, why should you even opt for a sunscreen?

We have talked about the significance of sunscreen in the previous blog, you can definitely check it for a detailed info on it’s usage & importance.
You must know that it’s a product that shouldn’t be missed in order to finish up a day time skincare routine flawlessly.
As it protects skin against UV rays, it’s a saviour against sun burns, wrinkles, tan & even skin cancer.

Deyga’s Sunscreen is available in two variants. SPF 30 & SPF 50. You can choose the one which satiates your needs better.


It’s easy guys!

• Remember it should be the last step of your day time skincare routine, you do not need to apply it at night for obvious reasons.

• Please apply it 15 minutes before heading out in the sun

• Re-application in every two hours is important guys. That’s how sunscreen works at it’s best so please take the little effort to reapply it & then enjoy your day outs comfortably!