Weekly Hair Care Routine For Men

Hair care routine is essential for everyone of us irrespective of the gender. We all want everyday to be a good hair day, no? Yet we can’t put in tedious efforts daily due to the busyness of the day. Especially when it comes to men, they don’t really have enough time to schedule a proper hair care routine everyday for they don’t know how easily they can turn the tables for their hair problems by just doing a little hair care regularly. If you are a busy guy and don’t get enough time to pamper your hair everyday, here are 4 easy ways you can do at weekends to get glossy & healthy hair on rest of the week days;

• Get a relaxing ‘champi’ : A rejuvenating head massage, also famous by its cute name ‘champi’ is a must at least once a week to boost the blood circulation around the head area. This step could be done more than once but if you lack leisure then once a week would work fairly great for you. It stimulates hair growth and makes your scalp healthier plus it blows stress away and works on headache as a magic spell. Always choose cold pressed & natural oil for the purpose which don’t contain any added harsh chemicals. Just warm up the oil for a few seconds before use to enhance its magic.

• Cleanse & condition your hair deeply: Men may wash their hair regularly but using a shampoo or a soap on your hair every other day makes them weak, dry and dull. Besides, natural oils present on your scalp are stripped off badly leaving it dry and prone to dandruff. Hence washing them twice a week suffice your hair needs. Whatever hair type you are, your hair definitely deserve a deep cleanse and condition treatment once a week. Apply a conditioning hair mask once a week to nourish your hair radically and provide a long lasting hydration to them. This step could be done after shampooing your hair. Deyga’s Hair Pack  is naturally formulated with ingredients that are proved to be an elixir for hair health.

Remember when you apply a mask that’s too sticky for hair such as aloevera gel, you can follow up with a mild cleanser again in order to prevent the greasiness.

• Trim for retaining your hair in best shape: Regular trimming makes your hair look voluminous & healthy. To keep your hair style intact you can choose to trim your hair weekly. Or else, once in a fortnight would work great too.

• Apply Deyga’s Liquid Gold hair serum to complete the look and the nourishment: Hair serum is generally applied to tame frizzy hair or beat the heat but Deyga’s Hair Serum (Liquid Gold) also provides nourishment to your hair strands along with taming frizz. This means on the days when you don’t want to oil your hair but want to hydrate your scalp, you can apply little amount of it on your scalp too. You can also use it as a heat protectant before styling your hair to keep them safe from the harshness of heat.

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